06 - 06 - 06

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In honor of this day, 06-06-06, as undead creatures of the night we at The RavenBlack City Grimoire feel the need to send out a special gift to all our fans.

In such an instance it seemed right to give out something we knew you would all appreciate…MONEY! At 6:66pm EST this evening everyone that is a subscriber to this paper will be getting 10,000 coins.


Please leave where we can contact you to deliver your gold below.



Very :cool:

Rose Bliven

Nervous and 87th. Nearest bank- Malachite and 87th :D

-Rose Bliven


Mav pointed at that it would probally make more sense to stick with the theme of 666. So as of now instead of 10,000 everyone will be getting 666 coins. The only one who will get 10,000 is the one vampire who already put their name down for it before I made this change. If you don’t like this change you can reach Mav at gryphoness2003@yahoo.com and beat the crap out of her. devilish smile

Jauk Juggernaut Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister Ihenki’s Handful Priestess of Lies and Prodigal Folly


Jauk: The whole point is to stress the number 6 ~Mav~: then why not give out 6666 coin Jauk: Oh Jauk: That IS a good idea Jauk: No more 10,000…666 coins from now on Jauk: nods ~Mav~: i said 6666! ~Mav~: dork ~Mav~: keep it in the thousands Jauk: but that’s nothing to do with Devil’s Day Jauk: 666 is the number of hte day ~Mav~: in your warped mind it isn’t! Jauk: when I change it Jauk: I’m telling eveyrone it’s because of you ~Mav~: lmao

See folks, not my fault. I say we lynch her!


Happy 666!

Comfortably resting at Cobalt & 66…

ladylilith c daMaphs wifey


Nightingale and 67th… there’s a bank there somewhere ;)

Lord BubbleKnight

At which time you say? Duh… 6:66pm… I wonder if in Hell }:) clocks reach the minute ‘66…


Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ companion to miss morganna :) Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan