Respect your Elders! Cough I mean Blood Royals…

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Ah, how far we have come in this city from when it first opened it’s gates to us rouges of the night. Every long time occupant can be heard once or twice talking of the good ol’ nights, but really what was so good about the old nights anyway? Is there really a difference at all? If so, can the new generation of vampires coming into the city ever be able to live up or excel beyond? My goodness, if you think there weren’t a heap of vampires unwilling to rant and rant and rant, I mean straightens her business suit and attempts a more professional approach, unwilling to give their views on this matter, you’re very mistaken. It’s all the talk as of late with the many new changes to the city. How about a trip down memory lane and a tour of the new sites…heeeere we go!

Let’s start with locations, locations, locations! Obsidian, you aspiring world dominator you, leave me a space to call my own will you? Yep, when the city first started it wasn’t even an option to have your own business or home be made into an entire street corner dedicated to you and/or yours. Now you can’t go five alleyways without running into someone’s something or another. With a whopping eight buildings, one shared with two other vampires, and two pubs Obsidian seemed the right vampire to talk to about the changes. Obsidian also happens to be one of the oldest remaining vampires in the city, though she didn’t acquire more than one of these buildings until very recently.

Jauk: Do you remember when it became an option to purchase a section in city?

obsidian: It was Dec 2003…

Jauk: When it was first allowed was it a big hit or just something a few did because they could?

obsidian: I believe it was a big hit.. there were many that wanted them.. but couldn’t see paying the price for them either..

Jauk: Now that there are buildings every where you look, do you think it’s getting out of control, or do you think it adds something special to the city?

Jauk: Should there be a limit?

obsidian: I believe if RavenBlack is going to offer property.. its up to him to draw the line.. personally I like to have places to go … it allows me to have my own adventures within the City.. discovering new places.. and visiting friends..

obsidian: Plus.. I am trying to take over the City.. one block at a time wink

Now, it wouldn’t be fair for me to only talk to one source about this so I attempted to get a few different views from around the social spectrum. I asked these same two questions to other vampires and this is the feedback I got:

Jauk: Now that there are buildings every where you look, do you think it’s getting out of control, or do you think it adds something special to the city? -AND- Should there be a limit?

CBK: Well I would say the number of buildings is tolerable at the moment, but I do think that if more and more buildings are built it will be out of control. I don’t know if there should necessarily be a limit, I would hate to say “You can get a building, while you can not.” It wouldn’t be fair to everyone. Maybe limiting the number of buildings one person may own?

Bellina: I think that building in the city are fun…it adds something different to the plain landscape…and I do not think there should be a limit.

green_mayo: well…builds help make a landscape…but there are too many “pub/casino/bar” places… 33 [private buildings in the city] isn’t that bad…so…maybe a limit of like…70.

Sedya: Hmmm….wow….never thought of it before. I think the buildings add value to the city, but too many of them would take away the appeal, so maybe there should be a limit.

vukodlac: It is out of control lately with all of the new buildings popping up but I understand how my fellow night stalkers feel, it is nice to have a place to hang your hat and meet new people.

Is that all? No, not by a long shot…but we’ll pick back up on this next time kiddies. In our next segment we’ll be touching on BLOOD! Golly I remember when hitting 5,000 pounds of pure vampiric strength was something note worthy, now those are the little guys, eh? Think about it…



I don’t think there should be a limit as long as there is space and pires willing to pay the price, but perhaps a limit per pire might be in order, if nothing else, but to give future property owners a stab at it.

As for there being too many buildings cropping up.. Bah scarabs and crypt worms! like Obsidian says, they add interest to a bland landscape.