Ladies On The Block

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Here it is, part two of the RavenBlack City Auction. It is now the ladies turn to sell themselves to the highest bidder. The men have set the standard and it remains to be seen if the female of our kind can pull in the same amount of gold.

We here at the Grimoire will say this. Equal pay for equal work. Yes, you heard it right. Why should it be such a stretch for the women of our kind to pull in at least one million gold? Are we so unappreciative of the fairer sex that we are unwilling to pay just as much for them as we have paid for a male? I can tell you, it will be interesting to see just how much is paid and for whom.

In the past the prices paid for women have been far less than that of their male counterparts. It is a shame that this is so and it can only be argued that it is because those bidding for females aren’t willing to go that extra mile to purchase their female slaves.

Will we see a one million gold purchase for a female in the upcoming purchase? That is the question. We here at the Grimoire would be happy to be proved wrong and are eager to see who will be our Million Dollar Female.



Since the post about the Female Slave auction results will not let me comment, here is some thoughts on the paper saying that males do not put out as much coin in the auction…

First, considering both Million coin vamps have been sold to Morgana, I would not consider this the norm but an anomaly so for my research on this years totals I did not include Morgy buying Deth_fog for 1,001,000 coins.

Looking past this here are some numbers to consider.

54 slaves were sold. 21 males, and 33 Females. Not counting 2 (The Million Dollar baby and the one bought by Proxy for sex can not be determined) the numbers go as so …

Males bought 23 slaves. for a total of 2,790,000 coins. An average of 121,304.34 coins.

Females bought 29 Slaves for a total of 2,945,000 coins. For an average of 101,551.72 coins. (If you include Morgana’s purchase the average jumps up around 20000 coins)

Males paid on average a little 20k more per average per slave.

There were 20 male slaves. (Not counting Deth_fog, again no offense, but in research sometimes you got to kick out the freak numbers) and 33 female slaves.

Males were bought for a total of 2,348,000 coins, an average 117,400 coins.

Females were bought for a total of 4,090,000 coins, an average of 123,939.39 coins. So not only was there 13 more females they still managed a higher average.

The top 22 (due to tie)
(again not counting Deth_fog) Of the top 22 coin earning slaves. 5 were male, 17 female.
Of the top 22, 13 were bought by guys, 9 female. That one is about right.

Here is were it gets screwy …

Of the Bottom 20 coin earning slaves,(Due to a tie at twentieth, Not counting the slave listed as bought by proxy) 12 were male, and 8 female.
the buyers were 12 females and 8 males.

Of the bottom eleven (Due to tie at tenth) 8 were male, and 3 female…yet there was remember 21 male and 33 females….7 of the bottom 11 buyers were female while only 4 males.

So it the conclusion of the numbers…that why there is larger number of females who go for sale and buy, of the men who do contribute they do much more in general… and get less in return.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Dilectus, scientist of the city.