Duel News

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Threats were exchanged, family insulted…even throwing out the ole your family is full of incest line…What caused this? What was the result? That’s what I’m here to tell you! jimmher of WoE and fluffy of LoSD exchanged not so nice words, and family members jumped in defending their own. Even persephone, 2nd in Command of WoE, lost her usual cool exterior and came in fuming over the words exchanged.

Then when no end seemed to be in sight fluffy challenged jimmher to a duel to the death, and with honor apologized for the harm and insults done to jimm’s family. jimm accepted the duel and apologized to those insulted friends and family of fluffy.

What does this mean for the citizen’s of RavenBlack? We may need to add a duel section to the Grimoire for the sudden interest in duelling out our problems rather than inciting a full on city war.