Sirings, Bindings, Deaths Oh My

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It seems the vampires over at WoE, for those of you who are going huh it is the clan Warriors of Eternity, have been quite busy of late. Siring, Binding, Killing.

Compliments of Persephone, Second in Command of WoE here are the following happenings within this clan:

Ms Errie Sires Indigoddess persephone Sires ladypeacek ladypeacek and Koubier severed as Partner Bound ladypeacek and Rev Awk bound in Unholy Matrimony Sir Tenley and Ms Errie bound in Unholy Matrimony Zeroed bloodofold for Holy Watering Aries

Looks like a serious amount of inbreeding going on in WoE.



In his best idiotic hillbilly voice, Aries says “Hey, yall know some of us in WoE is from the south!” ROFLMAO

Aries Keeper of the The Gates