Will Tejas Die?

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It is a question that has been plaguing the city and The Dominion for the last week and it looks like the finale of this little squirmish is going to be a crap shot.

What with Archangel in a very public hall heckling the Dominion at every turn about the topic of Tejas it is creating one for the history books and not in the way one would think. What is surprising this reporter is evilive_inc smiling and agreeing with Cerridwen and Sartori, a Ferryman. It seems that a fellow foe does indeed make for strange bedfellows.

But it does indeed look like Tejas might see another dark night on the streets of this city and though many a holy water has been thrown her way, she’s not going to go down without a fight. It would seem this Empress and chronically naked vampiress is going to die or live in a spectacular fashion. And whether you like her, hate her or are completely ambivalent about the outcome of this event, there’s no running away from it since it seems to be the topic of conversation all over the city.

Will she die? Will she not? Will The Dominion triumph or feel their defeat at the hands of a lone pire? It goes without saying that none can give a definitive answer to these questions and only time will tell one way or another. We do know that a change of topic in public halls is in need because there has to be something else going on in this dark city?. How about an unknown Comatose pire? And dueling banjos?



I think that you suck as a reporter if you’re surprised for that. Or maybe you’re too used to hang around with people who won’t publicly agree with an enemy ever, even if they think the same about any topic… The fact that I have my (strong) differences with Cerridwen does not mean we can-t agree on a certain subject. And the fact that sartori did a poor choice of Clan (or maybe it was one of the few left who would take him winks at sartori ) does not mean I have always liked the guy, and yes, many times we-ve agreed on certain issues. Reporter… ppfffftt…


Thank you for the insight Lord evilive_inc.

We are honoured by your reading patronage and have duly noted your reader concerns.

Alex Wolfe

She’ll die just with this cities luck it will take the whole year. sigh

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