Physco219 Comatose

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The newspaper industry is an endlessly interesting occupation, notwithstanding the inherent entertainment of being the one people come to when exciting things happen, and being in the know for a plethora of dirty deeds, deaths and dealings. But on the odd occasion this humble author also gets anonymous tips and snippets of information. Like this one;

I would like to report that physco219 is in a coma he looks well and hopes are that Night Nurse and her crew will have him awake promptly. physco219 has many around his bed side at LoSD, Charmed Witch, Secret, Ice Angel, Black Blank and many others have paid their respects. Word has it he has been able to contact some by telepathy. More to be reported as more info. becomes available.

–Vampire Name Withheld By Request–</strong>

Now many things come to mind when one reads this anonymous news item.

a. Who in the world is physco219 b. How did he get into a coma c. And do we really care?

But this is news, albeit second hand and anonymous true. But still news. If any, of a non-anonymous nature, would like to shed some light on this rather bizarre news item I would welcome communication. Because now, I’m sure, the readers of this little newspaper are waiting on expectant tenter hooks to know the next chapter in this rather riveting event.

Do you know physco219? Do you know how he came to be thusly incapacitated? Are you a mourning sibling, friend, clan member or concerned stranger. If so, we here at the Grimoire are waiting to hear your thoughts, impressions and views on this comatose individual.

Please contact me at

As you can see dear readers. We do go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you the news, even news as small as this.