Opinions On Power - Vermathrax-rex

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At moments through the recent past of this city it seems the responses we’ve had on this on going series we call Opinions on Power have seen the opinions of some here mirror the reality of what is happening upon the streets of this dark city. It is curious to see who has uncanny insights into the political make up of this city and we are proud to publish this one from legendarily sedate Vermathrax-rex, one of the most well known Dragon-kin kith in this city.

Question: Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clans do you see rising to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap?

The clans that will be in the upper areas of things now will be the ones who have prepaired and made their own sets of alliances while the DA clans began to fragment. That would be orginizations such as HoH, Caps, etc-who all seem to have a loose agreement of aid/assistance for each other. Now, will they stay there is the other problem. Once cannot amass such a power base and not do something with it. With a lack of enemies proper now-it will be interesting to see how they fight things such as boredom and inactivity and still keep an edge. The days of the ‘war clan’ may be on the decline at this rate. Leaving one to wonder what will take their place.

Question: There are alot of new clans in the city. Those who are just now beginning, or recently so, who are already making rumbles within the history. Which clan, new on the scene do you think has the most potential to fill (in part) the void in which the dissolution of both CoB and SC have made?

It will be awhile before any of the new ones make an impact at all on the city. Granted there are some major names involved with them-but the fact is they are new. Untried as this particualr combination. Also, if they are as new as they clain-they have yet to lay the groundworks (informers, theives, etc) that are standard in any long lasting clan. You can say ‘Oh, vampire so and so is in there.” but it means nothing if said vamp is now away from their former powerbase that assisted them in being great to start with. Once these new clans had the time to gel and get their parts into place for awhile will I consider guessing what they may or may not accomplish. The ‘void’ is still open-even tho several contenders are now trying to fill that spot.

Vermathrax-rex of The Inner Circle

We’d like to thank Vermathrax-rex for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions for our readers. There is one more addition to this series and then the conclusion. Please stay tuned for more on Opinions on Power.