The Sartori Factor

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Sartori’s daughter MiaRaeLyn marries Sartori’s other daughter Sheyrena (Elvenbane) The sisters Sheyrena and Mia split amicably Sartori then marries his daughter Sheyrena (Elvenbane)

Anyone else hear the frantic playing of banjo’s?


Lord BubbleKnight

Sartori is now Sheyrena’s partner… AGAIN????? Whoa… this SO makes me think in the old times…

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ companion to miss morganna :) Da Ghost


Dunno about anyone else, but the whole thing makes me ill.

Aeryn LaFayette


My family is so confusing.

Aeryn DuSang LaFayette Ever confused childe of Sheyrena


Oh hush Tyger. :P ~gives him a cookie~

Anyway, I knew it happened… I knew it was gonna happen… I just didn’t know when. o_O

Tyra, yeh Duct Tape Fairy