Seraphim’s New Governmental Stucture… A Candid Interview with Arsanga

1 minute read

Hesu: ahem

Hesu: adjusts reporter like glasses

arsanga: blinks

Hesu: Could I perhaps get some statements from you about this change in government?

Hesu: so I may clearly report it?

arsanga: sure i like the glasses by the way

Hesu: smile

Hesu: thank you

Hesu: So then… what exactly has altered within the governmental structure of Seraphim?

arsanga: not too much, Avigon is no longer at the head, and we’ve dissolved the Regent position itself, is all. so, basically, just making the PM first-in-command

Hesu: May I ask what brought this about?

arsanga: nothing specific, change has been needed for some time

Hesu: I see

Hesu: and how do you see this effecting the clan as a whole?

arsanga: in general, i think that it will help us on the way to rebuilding… its been a while coming, but i think most of the clan knew it would happen sooner or later

arsanga: hard to say what the future holds but im optimistic

Hesu: Is Avigon still in a leadership role?

arsanga: no, she’ll be remaining with the clan, though

Hesu: I see

Hesu: anything you wish to say in behalf of the clan?

arsanga: we’ve been through a lot together. after the last few weeks, i dont think theres any storm we cant weather

Hesu: *nods

Hesu: thank you for your time

Hesu: may I quote your words?

arsanga: sure