Rumours, rumours rumours

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Rumours, rumours, rumours’is it Fact or Fiction

Welcome to a new column all about you, the vampires of Ravenblack.

I’m Nara~LadyFae, Haupthexe of Die Nachthexen. I’ll be your guide on this slightly twisted, but always fun journey through the rumours that populate our city. Whether it’s Fiction, Fact or a combination of both, I’ll be delving into the shadows, seeking out the tales of the city .

All the information shared in this column will be written with no harm in mind to the vampires it mentions. So come join me while I stalk the dark corners searching for the rumours that make our lives go around.



Well if you want some interesting rumors that just seem so far out there all you need to do now a days is sit in Blood Chats of RB. Go in for five minutes say one thing about one vampire and watch what happens. Do people these days know how to stop a lie from turning into part truth or what?! In all seriousness the blood chats have your rumors lies and plain out dunces too. Heck I myself used to be one! Bows out at this