Mirren ghostlady: The "Lost" Interview

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This interview is part of several “lost” interviews that were done back when a previous editor worked for this paper. As these interviews are recovered, they will be printed in their entirety..

Mirren ghostlady: The “Lost” Interview

[Former Editor]Who is Mirren ghostlady?

[Mirren] I have never claimed to be more than a mother, and true, though family does come first, there is more to me than that. I am a friend and I relish commraderie. Loyalty is something I take quite seriously. I am an honorable warrior, proud of both the blood I have lost as well as the blood I have taken. I am a thief, a tailor of flesh and a seeker of bright darkness. I have always tried to be a role-model for those I call my own and would never ask more than I’m willing to do myself. And last but not least I am a woman quite capable in affairs of the heart…something I thought was long dead. After many centuries of forging the bonds of family with my beloved Sire and Husband jam, I lost him to the shadows. I remained a widow until someone very special crept into the blackness and blew on the embers.

[Former Editor] Little is known about Die Nachthexen and I’m sure many out there in the city are eager to hear more about this clan. If there was one thing you’d like the city to know about this clan what would it be?

[Mirren} First and foremost Die Nachthexen is a family (I’ve never thought of us as a clan) created by ties of blood, loyalty, honor and witchcraft-with just a splash of evil for good measure. It is a motto within our halls, “Courage and honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have crumbled to dust.”

[Former Editor]What does it mean to you to be the Matriarch of Die Nachthexen?

[Mirren] To me it means many many things, but mostly I would just say, I do not take lightly that title and nary a decision is made without thought of my family’s well-being.

[Former Editor] What do you see happening for you in the future? Any plans or goals for Mirren ghostlady Matriarch of Die Nachthexen?

[Mirren] Well, having been a stay at home mom for such a long time, and with the childer all grown and out doing their own things, the Kessel has grown so quiet. I am taking some time for me. I am basking in the love of my newfound marriage. In fact my partner and I are even thinking of digging our swords and arsenals out of the closet and actively seeking warrior positions somewhere in the city. This is not to say that DN is no longer a functioning entity, again Die Nachthexen has always been a family versus a clan activley seeking members. Right now I wish for my childer and family to explore outside our walls yet continue to proudly carry the name of Die Nachthexen.

[Former Editor] If you were to snatch a single vampire out of your past in this dark city and relate a moment that was memorable for you, who and what would it be?

[Mirren] The most memorable moment in my past, unfortunately I cannot relate as it would possibly offend the vampire it involves and would be memorable in not a good way for them.

[Former Editor] Coffee or Tea?

[Mirren] Coffee

[Former Editor] Crop or Quirt?

[Mirren] Neither, flogger all the way.

[Former Editor] Do you have a middle name?

[Mirren] Rebecca

[Former Editor] Favourite Swear Word?

[Mirren] shitfuckpissdamn

[Former Editor] Blood of Mal Intent or Blood of Innocence?

[Mirren] Blood of Mal Intent, though blood of innocence tastes soooo much more delicious.

[Former Editor] A Quote to live your unlife by?

[Mirren] “We all enter this world in the same way; naked; screaming; and soaked in blood. But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesn’t have to stop there.”


Mirren ghostlady

I would like to add to this if I may. As this was completed many months ago,(which in Vamp Months is a looong time) some things have evolved a bit differently for me and some things have not. We are no longer seeking positions and for now that is all I will comment on that issue. My family is still here, though we have been a bit dormant for a while, I hope to see them pull together in the future. I myself have just returned after a long sleep in the deep shadows- It gave me time to reflect on my unlife, the joys and the downfalls. I have many wonderful people in my life, my family, of course, my lovely companion and some great new friends-one special one in particular. One thing is sure, I’m looking forward to the future and wonder just what it holds for this old pyre and her family.

I wish you all the best for Yuletide and a very happy New Year.

Mirren ghostlady Matriarch of Die Nachthexen Nara’s