Peacek 0

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LadyPeacek was zeroed by WoE today. The announcement came through instant scroll by Fluffy, stating that they are now out of the war. This writer wonders how many “sisters and brothers” of vampires in the clan actually hit this time.

When asked about this message Hesu laughed and stated. “How can the losers of a war decide when it is over, especially when victory had already been claimed and the fighting was basically over?” She also had to say “The members of WoE have never seemed to understand the basic concept that LadyP never had anything to do with the war in any way. They have been told this repeatedly but maybe those little helmets they must wear to protect their drooling heads taint their hearing.”

As explained to me, LadyP was never under the protection of EoE and the war will end when The Enforcers of Enlightenment choose for it to end. It will remain open ended and at their discretion how it is handled from this point forth and they guarantee that no announcement will be made as to how the true end of the war will actually be carried out and when.