Further Trials and Tribulations of the Capadocians

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Hop of the Capadocian Clans own Inferno House, made a public announcement today and I quote: “This is to inform all those who don’t already know, that I too have resigned my place as a warrior in the House of Inferno. I leave with regret, but do so in order to remain next to my brother, Mr. Brutus.”

This is a big hit for the Capadocian Clan, having suddenly lost many pertinent and active members, such as Demoinc_Diati, Angeliz, Hop and Mr Brutus. All of whom have made a fairly public leaving.

Capadocious was seen ridiculing others in the halls of RavenBlackCity, and no mention was made of his impending explosion, most likely an in vein attempt to swing the public attention from his mess at hand.

Two members of the Capadocian Clan have agreed to make statements, but were unavailable at the time of this posting. This editor shall stay on the story and keep the public updated as more information unravels.