Interview with ~Nae~ Formerly of Clan Capadocious

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Hesu: Good evening NAE smile

Nae: Hiya Sunshine

Hesu: heh heh

Nae: smiles back

Hesu: Sunshine Hesu: ha ha ha ha

Nae: I call everyone sunshine

Hesu: I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before

Nae: Well there’s a first for everything sug

Hesu: I think I am gonna tell Lucius he has to call me Sunshine from now on Hesu: think Hell go for it?

Nae: Heh heh Nae: Probably…or get a spankie for being a bratis Nae: Anywho…..

Hesu: So please, tell me woman, what the Heck is going on?

Nae: Oh…..That

Hesu: Cap must be having a Capniption

Nae: Well….Way back in Aug… Nae: I pulled out my Crystal Ball and told El Cappo Nae: That if He did try and fix a few things he was doing He’d be out of leaders. Nae: I have the exact smart ass prediction if you’d like me to get it out of my archives Nae: anywho..he didn’t seem to believe me shrugs Nae: The other day …The leaders…held some sort of Trail for me…..A certain Leader/Grandaughter of Mine threatened to 0 my bratling…..

Hesu: well… what finally occurred to cause the mass egress?

Nae: I’m getting to that sug

Hesu: k Hesu: sorry

Nae: So I threatened to Kill the Vamp… Nae: she mistakenly took it as threat to her Human’s Life…and I was booted. Nae: Sooooo Nae: The others.

Hesu: booted by whom?

Nae: Well all the leaders…with the exception of Bub Nae: Cap called me a bad seed, a cruel and immature vamp…and tossed me onto the compost heap like yesterdays trash

Hesu: oh my

Nae: Unfortunately….The other leaders…with the exception of Bub of course…All Seemed to have left Big Daddy Cap like rats jumping off a sinking ship Nae: I am rather sad that my hubby choose his family (which where made up of his fam) over me his wifey.

Hesu: so now where will you go?

Nae: Smiles a bit sadly It’s ok sug..I still love the guy….I can’t and won’t be in clan that involves the Emo cow that began this mess Nae: Me?

Hesu: yes

Nae: Heh Heh

Hesu: and who may I ask is the Emo Cow?

Nae: Oh sure..Stareaggle..Brutus’s Bratling Nae: I don’t claim her nor anyone in her bloodline

Hesu: hey where did Neo land in all of this? Hesu: I have yet to snag him

Nae: He’s My son Nae: AS Is HBK

Hesu: I printed that in the news

Nae: Neo has inherited The Clan Ellende from his former sire cherish Nae: My fam and I are going to have a go at that and try to revive it to it’s former glory.

Hesu: how interesting

Nae: Of course…you never know…sooo many many clans have came and went in our fair city…it might not come to nothing Nae: You know the sad thing about this all?

Hesu: What?

Nae: I had been a leader of the Cap clan for many many years…. Nae: Joined when he lost his thrown way back when Nae: When he sold me out to leaders who were planning on leaving anyways Nae: he released me from my promise that I had given him so long ago to stay with him and the clan through thick and thin. Nae: After all the others left…he asked me to come back…. Nae: I asked him to write a retraction of what was said to clear my name…He did Nae: Smiles sadly I still love my Daddy Cap….I just don’t think I can go back, help him rebuild his clan once again….and wonder when the next time he’ll sell me out for another batch of leaders/vamps

Hesu: so how would you describe the state of the Cap clan to be like as of now?

Nae: The state of the Cap clan…is one that I have seen many,many times before…. Nae: It’s in another rebuilding and expansion period…but then…from rumors I have heard in the city…many other clans are in the same state

Hesu: hmmm Hesu: I dont know of any clans going thru this currently

Nae: not to this same extent

Hesu: This time SO MANY big leaders left and I was told up to 60 members left as well, almost all of the warriors Hesu: it has been this bad before?

Nae: Oh my goodness..this has happened quiet a lot

Hesu: I remember when What The left

Nae: Cap will just lift his chin..make more leaders..get more troupes..and call it another dynasty Nae: Yes so do I

Hesu: but I never realized it was as big as this

Nae: Shrugs it was a long time ago…this is the present Nae: with time..all things don’t really seem so bad

Hesu: its a big hit, many of these leaders have been with Caps for years Hesu: it seems to me

Nae: Not really

Hesu: but you would know better than I

Nae: I was the longest of them to go Nae: the others..perhaps a year or soo….. Nae: but you know..the cap clan has gone through many many leaders

Hesu: Angeliz was 4 years was she not? Nae: Pfft no..

Hesu: thats what was quoted to me in the article

Nae: Really?..I have been a leader since 2004 Nae: I was there as a member when he lost his thrown and had to rebuild from nothing

Hesu: nods Hesu: that’s a long time NAE

Nae: Yes…unlike many who have clan hopped.. in the city Nae: I believe in keeping promises to others…

Hesu: I am sorry for your loss but excited for your new adventure

Nae: The Cap clan has been the only home that I have ever know Nae: Well here’s hoping that my fam and I can make it happen… Nae: you never know..perhaps we’ll become a large clan and go on a holy crusade killing peeps Nae: Snickers a bit Sorry old cap ideas are still a bit hard to let go

Hesu: So tell me, how do you feel about this new clan Demons, Outlaws and Angels?

Nae: Well it is made up of family…I have no ill will to any but Star Nae: I hope they accomplish whatever they set out to do Nae: Every clan is different…each have their own agenda’s and whatnot… Nae: to me it seems…depends on what enemies and allies you have collected along the way Nae: Um I prefer to be known as ~Nae~ not NAE

Hesu: ok Hesu: I shall correct it

Nae: thanks sug…I appreciate that a great deal

Hesu: is there anything you wish to add to this topic? Then I have another question for you.

Nae: Hmmm not that I really can think of…Other that I hope karma will shine down brightly on everyone in the future…. Nae: she eventually sneaks up and bites everyone in the ass Nae: Sooo…your other Question sug?

Hesu: I have learned that all to well. Karma suddenly is on your side when you’ve been done wrong again and again

Nae: Well I try to spread and promote good Karma as much ass possible

Hesu: yes… snicker what rumours have you heard about other clans issues perks up ears and sits closer

Nae: I still plan to pub crawl with the sobz’s..

Hesu: please keep me in tune with your new clans progress

Nae: hopefully it’ll grow Nae: Only time will tell though


Lord BubbleKnight

Angeliz says, I don’t know, she’s in the city for long, those 4 years. I don’t know, but I know she has been only in the clan since 2004 and as a Dojo Headmaster, a bit later. Of those, the first leaders were Renee and Willhelm, when the clan migrated to a House Structure. Renee became the Info Leader and then Willhelm became the 2nd House Leader, the Inferno House (ther 1st House being Sangre Oscura, led by me since a bit before they got their houses).

The rest of the ones have less than two years, some of them less than a year, many of them had just placed a foot in the Main Hall before leaving.

I would love Nae to come back to us, she’s the leader I trust the most of all of them and also she has been a great friend during these years (and also a sexy vampress I like a lot ;)), but she has to decide por herself. I wish the best luck to her, she has been always a great vampress and one who can win many people’s hearts. It wasn’t because of nothing that she won mine back in August 2004.

As for the rest… yes, we have had worse times, we have had really hurtful breaks… and we are still here. We were able to rebuild, we were able to become great again, and in those times we lost really experienced and better trained people. I don’t doubt we will recover from this in less time.

It’s nothing some of the Capadocian elders hadn’t seen before. And we still stand before the dust of others that tried to do the same before.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Advisor to Lord Capadocious Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan