Capadocious Leaves the City

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The mass egress of former Capadocians to a new clan has prompted an announcement that Capadocious has once again left the city, leaving his clan to a veritable unknown and fairly new comer to his clan TaintedXGod. Through good times and bad times, it is always a difficult and disheartening sight to see any great elder make the decision to actually leave.

The difficulties involved in running a large clan are rife with disillusionment, even when the clan is performing at its peak and the members are loyal to the core and I am keenly aware of this fact through personal observation.

In the end though, what is it that causes a clan to see huge amounts of members leave over and over again? Commonly referred to as Archangel Syndrome, the way I see it, it is the act of performing the same actions and expecting different results. In the case of Archangel, after a long, long time of detachment, he sorely underestimated the connections by the members, created by the leader in charge during his absence and returned to act as if those relationships were not valid or were some sort of treachery, not realizing that they were common bonds formed through the close working together of comrades and the attempt to separate such ties was bound to cause an automatically defensive response by those involved.

Without being a Capadocian, nor ever being in the clan, I cannot ascertain the actually facts of what exactly caused so many of the top management to leave yet again, but it is an educated guess that it some how is connected to this Archangel Syndrome ir an affliction similar.

In sincerity, myself and this paper wishes Capadocious the best and we hope he is able to resolve his issues, cover his losses and move ahead, as he has done so many times in the past. If not and he has trruly forever left this city behind, we also want to wish him the best of luck, in whatever realm he so chooses to call home.


Lord BubbleKnight

You’re right in your guess, in a way, dear Hesu. The mass exile was a mix of power play between a group of members and some family ties being stronger to clan bonds, caused by bad (or biased) leadership and teaching methods. If clanmates were trained to be true Caps as we were trained before, they would understand that sometimes your family have real reasons to leave, but that doesn’t mean you should too.

Anyway, I don’t think Capadocious will leave for long. He had just returned from a self-imposed exile in order to regain his strength and found this. I guess anyone would be heartbroken, but well, I trust Tainted, he’s not a newcomer, just he had always liked to be low-profile.

Don’t worry. There will be still Clan Capadocious for long.

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