Moirai- A Tale of Obsession and Revenge Part 1

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A long, long time ago while Hesu’s soul was inhabited by a being less sure, less seasoned and less battle experienced and scarred… she awoke one night to being scrolled from her house and Holy Watered.

Having never really been attacked, beyond mostly newcomers testing out weapons or thugs sired by otherwise incompetent vampires, who blamed Hesu for their laziness and lack of ability to move ahead in the TGI school and thralls of cowardly ex leaders who too were to incompetent to manage their unlives and clans, blaming it on Hesu and being to cowardly to attack her in their own skin.

But this time it was no thrall, it was Moirai… a vampire she had called friend for a long, long time. Moirai had succumbed to the lies and rhetoric that some vampires spew in order to attain and maintain their status without ever really physically doing anything.