Moirai- A Tale of Obsession and Revenge Part 2

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It turned out, that the Church of Blood had spun their Wheel of Freaks and it had landed on Hesu. According to Moirai, he had vehemently argued the point insisting that such an attack was a bad idea, but his warnings went unheeded and in the light of solidarity for the clan, he chose to strike the first blow. Yes, it was he that drew the first drops of blood against Hesu and the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment aka SIE.

This now notorious battle, was one that surprised the city, annihilated the Church of Blood and decimated them all to zero, be it by their own hand or the hand of their enemy, leaving The Sanctuary of Enlightenment to carry on, without a single loss. The Church of Blood eventually being burned to the ground by UnicornDream, who later made her new home at The Inner Circle Mansion.

The pertinent point to this particular story is the current state of events that continue today. At some point in the SIE/CoB war, Moirai decided he had had enough with the Church of Blood aka CoB. He was disenchanted with the leadership and Nemesis had already approached SIE, informing them that she would not strike out against them again and that she was leaving the CoB.

This is when the real trouble began…

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please note: As announced in the obituaries, 2 students of DOA were zeroed by Moirai last night and the battle between himself and certain members of DOA rages on. The story continues…



Moi should either get all of his facts correct or be a bit more enigmatic if he realises others are going to read his babble

bows None the less. A well written story.

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


I didn’t write this. I do not know all the facts, only the ones that pertain to me, ok thanks buh bye.



I will retract calling Moi’s memory of that said time as babble, and simply say there are QUITE a few that will say the contrary on some of his memories and how they played out. Additionally I misread one particular comment as well regarding who left what where etc.

And your quite welcome Moi. I do my best smiles

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally


And I have quotes that prove otherwise. -Moirai