Moirai Zeroes Students

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Genevive and veronicalace were zeroed tonight, in an act of revenge against the newly formed clan, formerly of the Capadocian Clan, Demons, Outlaws and Angels aka DOA.

Rest in peace little ones…



I’ll bounce back in no time! ;)


I havnt had to weather such a sad night in many years. Our young ones didnt even have the power to fight back. What Honour is there in zeroing a student? This was nothing more than sheer cowardice.



Students have been zeroed since the beginning of the city. Don’t act like this is something new. I gave a warning, too bad it was ignored by one of your teachers. -Moirai

Demonic Diati

Well Moirai perhaps you should learn a bit better city etiquette. If you wish to communicate a warning, threat, and or surrender you might wish to speak to the leadership of your enemies. How ever if you can’t seem to gather enough wits about you to speak with some one of your own caliber then by all means continue in your present form of communications. As for being ignored you are incorrect in that assumption. I was informed of said interactions and thought very little of it. You are indeed correct in your statement ,” Students have been zeroed since the beginning of the city.” How ever these actions are most commonly used in war time. In this case you have used the action as an attempt to gain the attention of those you wish to spare your blood. Well I can say you have indeed caught our attention and will continue to be some one we give our attentions too. As for your warning of one of DOA’s teachers and then pursuant to your not receiving the answer you wished because the pire in question was not of a level to make that decision you attacked two students and effectively 0’d them. There fore due to your impatience and tactless communications you have received our response and will continue to be a recipient of our hospitality for long to come.

Demonic_Diati DOA High Counsel Member


The problem lies herein. There is no one in your clan of high enough caliber for me to speak to, evident in your breaking of the ceasefire 24 hours early. I’ve had Hesu speak to you on more than one occassion before I attacked the students, and I’ve had Sartori speak to some in your clan as well. Before DOA split from the Capadocian Clan, I had my father speak to Capadocious. I would consider that tactful. It was your ‘little thinking’ which you seem so apt at doing, that caused the students to be attacked. Perhaps if you think a ‘little’ more, you’d realize you were ignoring me. I’m guessing you’ll be making that mistake again, since lessons are so hard to get through to your clan. -Moirai