New News in the Moirai DOA Saga

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Moirai, who has taken Vera, another DOA student, down to to 45 BPs has left her a message. Moirai says “I’m letting you live for now. I am for the time being laying down my arms against your clan. They can attack me if they wish, I will not respond in kind. There is a ritual to be done, and I am needed.”

The request to end this battle and move on has been echoing through the halls of DOA and continually been denied or ignored.

What will become of this continuing epic of revenge and hate?

Will Moirai continue to zero students and anyone else he can get his evil hands on until the tenuous DOA respond to his requests to lay down arms?

How long can this go on and it not effect the inner workings of the DOA?

Only time will tell…



I swear, I had to reread that twice to realise the Vera in it was me… :D

Vera Night.


Moirai…. There comes a time in the unlife of every pire when he must take a true assesment of himself. An unlife lived with dishonor and cowardace is a waste in this pires opinion. You claim that you desire a ceasefire yet you attack children and students. This is a shameful act and proves you have no honor or dignity. I am certain D.O.A. would never attack you or anyone without just cause. Consider your own words and deeds when you whine about injustice, it just might be your own karma returning multifold. Personally , it has been just following orders for me but when your foul misdeeds become so repugnant, the prospect of peace diminishes exponentially.

~ Gevurah ~ Hells Angel D.O.A.


You’re such a fool, young pyre. Students have been zeroed since before you ever heard of the city. Never the less, I called for a ceasefire BEFORE I attacked the students. Take a poll of the city, see how many think zeroing students is shameful and dishonorable. I’ll bet more have zeroed students than actually bother to vote. You were once in the Capadocian Clan, a clan that proudly calls itself evil. Guess what? I’m evil. And I’ve called for a ceasefire on more than this occassion, I’ve called for a duel with your cough noble leader Willhelm on many occassions. Only a fool follows orders blindly. You don’t know why your clan is attacking me? Try reading the paper you’re posting on! Grow a sack and a brain. Then we can talk man to man. Until then, you’re missing some vital equipment, and to think, your clan calls ME the mouth. -Moirai


I find it really, REALLY, funny that you just admited that.

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