Is Capadocian Clan DOA? Demonic_Diati Speaks of Demons, Outlaws and Angels

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Hesu: Well if the rumours are correct. Word has it that more is going on than joining some small and silent clan (ie Mafia), could you elaborate on this?

Demonic_Diati: ah as in where am I now and who’s the head honcho eh?

Hesu: yes

Demonic_Diati: simple, until my return I am the 2ic of the Mafia. Once I return I will become one of the high council for a newly formed clan name Demons Outlaws and Angels which is the greater majority of prior Capadocian leadership

Demonic_Diati: aka DOA

Hesu: Hmm and so who will you be 2IC to in DOA?

Demonic_Diati: the DOA is a conglomerate of leadership party of 4 in fact there is no singular one in charge

Hesu: ahhh Hesu: Who are the four, may I be so bold as to ask?

Demonic_Diati: pic the top four caps you knew and loved

Hesu: Hop, you, Brutus and…?

Demonic_Diati: Try Willhelm Brutus Me and Angeliz

Hesu: ahhh Hesu: So how long has this plan been in motion?

Demonic_Diati: In all honesty it was not truly a plan it was a fall back situation in prep for the eventual out come of Lord Capadociouses return to power and if all Hell broke lose we had a home prepared

Hesu: I see

Demonic_Diati: We did not intend for the fall of Capadociouses clan it just kind of happened and it didn’t help that he pushed it along after my departure with calling me a traitor

Hesu: May I ask why it is you chose to leave Clan Capadocious? What were the precipitating factors?

Demonic_Diati: I left the Capadocian clan due to being lied to in varied situations and causing me dishonor within the city as a cost other than this Caps leadership style and goals differed from my own and there for it was bound to occur. How ever the disrespect to the work done in his absence and very little admittance and praise give to those who work so hard to rebuild from the last back to back wars did not bode well with me either.

Hesu: Traitor is a rather harsh term for someone that worked so hard and so long in the Capadocian Clan. Hesu: I see Hesu: So the Mafia ruse was to keep your comrades at arms safe until they were able to fully extract themselves from the Capadocians?

Demonic_Diati: No the Mafia would have been my home completely for I did not expect such a response to follow.

Hesu: Indeed

Demonic_Diati: however, due to the over whelming response of clan, family and loyalty I owe it to them to be independent and offer everything we had and more in the form of an independent clan

Hesu: Tell me, what are your perceptions of the state of the Capadocian Clan now?

Demonic_Diati: My current opinion on there state is disarray the count of total losses to Cap are yet in to be quoted but he has lost both warrior houses in KoA and Inferno

Hesu: Both houses in entirety?

Demonic_Diati: Not to include 75% of his dojo staffing and a had full of house leaders as well Demonic_Diati: there are remnant members from both houses but there remaining numbers could easily be over whelmed by let’s say LoSd

Hesu: ha ha ha Hesu: well LoSD is now part of the Republic of Ravenblack Hesu: so that may not be so easy Hesu: but I understand your meaning

Demonic_Diati: this, as much as it would seem, was not a coupe or a mutiny, but in fact when I and Angeliz left I read the cause and there for I did

Hesu: Whom else has joined you in this new order of ex Capadocians? Is Hop a member of this new clan as well?

Demonic_Diati: why yes, the warrior we all know and love is with his brother MrBrutus

Hesu: NAE?

Demonic_Diati: Nae is at the side of her sire

Hesu: ahh Hesu: what about your childer?

Demonic_Diati: all my childer but one is within my walls

Hesu: So in your opinion, your former clan is currently near ruins? Is that an accurate account?

Demonic_Diati: I will say they are in a state of disarray and attempting to recover from the blow dealt to the warrior section of the clan when your membership drops from 120 down to an estimated 60 with mostly students in dojo I would say he is out of true war contention for awhile

Hesu: So would it be to bold to say you took as many as half of its members?

Demonic_Diati: Me personally no, I would be honest to say because of family ties and loyalties about half his clan has relocated either to DOA or abroad Demonic_Diati: but those ties were to the four warrior leaders not just one

Hesu: So please tell me, what are your plans for the future? What is your new clans mission statement so to speak?

Demonic_Diati: As of now we are simply enjoying life not being in a dictatorship and going forward in house and school development our stand in the city as all should know, remains as warriors, but we have yet to decide our allies or enemies if any. Don’t expect DOA to go pink or blue as it will never happen but when all ideals and goals are finalized we shall bring it to light for all of RBC to be aware

Hesu: What may I ask, is your current attitude towards Capadocious and your former allies the House of Heorot?

Demonic_Diati: Currently we wish them the best and so long as we are not attacked they shall be allowed to exist as they rebuild but foolish pride starts wars and honestly we wish not to fight family

Hesu: Well this explains why starreagle is heading up the new warrior dojo and doing a mass recruitment

Demonic_Diati: ah well funny thing is Star is no longer a Cap either

Hesu: no?

Demonic_Diati: Star and her husband Gev are both members of the new clan Demonic_Diati: as are 80 % of there childer

Hesu: Ahh…

Demonic_Diati: there is family on both sides of the clans but we are sealing the ties and keeping open communications for family but the loyalties are to there prospective clans Demonic_Diati: Besides I don’t believe the Capadocian evacuation is quiet complete as there are still those on the fence but we shall wait and see

Hesu: nods Hesu: So perhaps there is an alliance between your clan and the Capadocians in the future?

Demonic_Diati: Not on your unlife Demonic_Diati: We shall never ally our forces with Capadocious. Remember we were the fire power in the clan and his goals and aspirations have not changed. Either you can stand and fight off his attempts to destroy you for city dominance or you fall. DOA will never fall from Capadocian assult and should he wish to try his method upon us we know the tactics all to well for we taught them for years Demonic_Diati: from Angeliz a 4 year Cap vet to myself the newest of the leaders with over a years time we have the experience and knowledge of everything cap so fondly claims as his doing

Hesu: Well, it appears you certainly have the upper hand on many levels Hesu: May I inquire, whom else is it that I know, that may have followed you on this excursion?

Demonic_Diati: nods Demonic_Diati: hmm Vampress Rose Star hop momma and many other prominent warriors

Hesu: I have to tell you I am impressed DD Hesu: it seems a well executed and clean break

Demonic_Diati: Well it was as clean as it could be but then again we always expect my dear sire to throw out the accusations and conspiracy theories to better his pompous appearance but honestly we know the truth and those who actually care to debunk his ego driven statements will ask and receive there answers

Hesu: Sounds very reminiscent of the break of Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment from Clan Archangel

Demonic_Diati: indeed or the last few major Cap separations just look to us for an example of what happens when Caps leadership falters we are but another example of fine Capadocian leadership per say

Hesu: Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment aka SIE was also a back up plan, took the warriors and school members… did not mean for so many to leave, did not mean to leave with ill will. Lots of propaganda that had nothing to do with reality, in fact I appear to continue to rule my back up plan to this day smile Hesu: I believe What The’s story is quite similar as well

Demonic_Diati: I tend to agree totally

Hesu: She took the entire Dojo and a few key players and look at the organization and size of The Inner Circle aka TiC today

Demonic_Diati: indeed and anything is possible with the talents and abilities with in a group are notices and nurtured instead of suppressed and shunned because they threaten the leadership

Hesu: The odds are with you my friend

Demonic_Diati: I hope so for the sake of all who followed the Council of DOA has a lot to be thankful for and a lot to protect and grow

Hesu: So any alliances or dreams of alliances in the works? winks and flutters eyelashes

Demonic_Diati: Let’s just say there are more than a few offers at the moment but until we are what we call stable in our development we shall not complicate things with such announcements

Hesu: Honestly and on a personal note, you and I have been fairly close acquaintances for awhile now, and I am excited to see you involved in something new and fresh. I truly wish you the best in your endeavors and will hope for great things. A little appreciation goes a long long way.

Demonic_Diati: You have maintained honest and honorable relations in our dealings of the past and I hope this continues in the future

Hesu: absolutely my friend Hesu: Is there anything more you wish to ad to this before it goes to print? Hesu: Should I endeavor to speak with another leader?

Demonic_Diati: Always speak to other leaders never stop with only one source or you never get the full story you know this



Not Caps anymore? Well then, best wishes! -Moirai


My goddess…Been there, done that…I am surprised to see such an upheaval, yet again, for Capadocious. raises eyebrow

All the best to the new clan.

Jada Forever Marco’s Mother of Xedanis Sister of jerseydevil, Dark_Violetta & ladydarkness ~Clanless~


DD, it is really sad that it has come to this, and I think this is in very poor taste for you to give a report on something which is still tearing at many of the hearts and minds of the family caught in the middle of this.

From your words I can see that this has just been a game to you. I knew from the beginning that you were extremely power hungry, and I did have a bad feeling about you. Yet, you did inspire others and there were things which happened which allowed you to advance quickly through the ranks.

For those who can not see through the fog of words you have so haughtily given. There are a few things which you state which are easy to pick out, that tell the true tale.

First of all our mission statement is what it has always been, and nearly everyone in this city knows exactly what it is, we are proud and do not hide our intentions. You knew what it was when you joined the dojo, you new what it was when you joined the main halls, and you knew what it was when you swore your oath to leadership and to further the goals of the clan. DD stated that he does not agree with the way I run the clan, and our clans mission. Yet instead of finding a clan which had a different leader, or different goals, he stayed. Being power hungry, he wanted the power we had to offer.

Before I had to leave the city in the care of Willhelm (OOC reasons). Our clan ran just fine. There were very few problems, and we were well on our way to building up to where we wanted to be. It was at this time that DD began to plant seeds. As he stated “In all honesty it was not truly a plan it was a fall back situation in prep for the eventual out come of Lord Capadociouses return to power and if all Hell broke lose we had a home prepared”. Now, having left a clan that I dearly loved in the hands of leaders I truly trusted… Why in the world would there be a need for a “fall back board”? Not to mention, you created this fall back board at the end of November, you must have some serious powers of foresight. Nothing major had changed with the clan, so why would all hell break loose with my return? Simply put, the only way hell was going to break loose was if I found out that you were working to turn my clan against me, and I tried to stop you. Isn’t that correct? In my book working to create a false image of who I am to the rest of the clan, makes you a traitor. Sorry if this word doesn’t suit you.

When I return, I returned to a hostile environment. It took everything I could do to keep things together. Some of the Capadocians you tried to manipulate leaked information to me and others in the clan. Even though I knew of the deception, I did my best not to incite division. I figured, that whatever misconceptions you had painted about me, time would undo. Because I have always given credit where it is do, and I work very hard to empower everyone in our clan. Even you can not say that I have not praised all of your achievements and given you every opportunity. Still, those loyal did not wish to be in the same clan with those who were plotting to leave. Fights and harsh words broke out, and as hard as I could, there was no way to keep the peace. The clan broke.

Even in the break, I knew that there was no way for there to be a clean break. No matter what, people were going to be hurt. I gave respect to all in the clan, and allowed them to make a decision to where they wanted to go, based on how little they would have to suffer. Those that were leaving were my friends, and my family. People I had laughed and cried with over the years. The reason that the break was so large, was due to the success of our families bonds. I wanted a place where everyone was as close as possible. I did my best to create a structure and an environment where we would all become best friends, if at all possible. Which is why there was such a powerful cascade effect when from the pressures of the two sides, someone like Brutus committed to leaving.

Even with our clan torn in half. I still consider 99% of those that left still my family. The leaders who are gone were my closest friends and I care for them dearly. I hurt like crazy to think of Willhelm, Brutus, Rose, and Angeliz as gone and no longer with me to share ideas and to promote clan unity with. Others like Star and Gev, who I considered rising stars, I am sorry that I will not be able to work with and help to achieve their goals. There are so many others, and I could list name after name and how they have touched me and made my time in the city better, but I’m sure you get the picture.

When it comes to my enemies I can be just as pompous and disrespectful as you seemed in this interview. But when it comes to my friends and family I am very humbled. My plans are simple. I will seek to maintain and improve the relationship I have with those I care about. I will seek to maintain and improve the relationships of those in my clan who are bound to those in the DOA. I will lessen the hurt from this event as much as I possibly can.

If I could protect them from you, I would, but I know that I must trust in them to watch you closely. You stated above that there are 4 leaders who all share equal power in the clan, yet I know that you will claim the over all power the first chance you get. It is more then apparent when you state: “We shall never ally our forces with Capadocious”. You haven’t even been here to know exactly what the others leaders would want to do. It’s possible that they would agree with you, but to dismiss them and speak for them, tells the tail. Your still power hungry, and you will not accept having equals.

~Capadocious Lord of the Capadocians Prince of RavenBlack City Beloved companion of AQD

Lord BubbleKnight

As much as this wants to show DD as a great strategy man, this was not unexpected nor we hadn’t stayed quiet. We were actually aware of DD’s ambitions and this interview only shows that he was too power hungry to accept another style of leadership than his own. I would be careful if I had to associate with him in any kind of leadership style, he might try to steal the power for himself.

Anyway, that happens a lot with unexperienced leaders, and if my memory doesn’t deceive me, DD was still a Dojo student, lacking many of the knowledge that a good leader should have, less than a year ago. As for the other ones mentioned, I loved some of them a lot, and I still love some of them, but other than Willhelm, most of them don’t actually have experienced what it is to handle a whole clan in the waters of RavenBlack City. It is needed more than an inflated ego to do that, and I hope them to have luck.

They will need it, anyway.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Advisor to Lord Capadocious Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan


I must say, DD, I did not expect you to act so low. For you to insult Capadocious in a report like this is beyond anything I thought you would ever do. This does not reflect greatly upon you as you sit there and call him names or degrade him. He has never done that to you. You should atleast respect your enemies.

Latanya Orbenoir-Rampage Daughter to Thalia and Night Grandbaby to Bubbles and Cappy Sister to Enes the white tiger


LBK, I know your response came out prior to Capadocious’s departure, but, I would be remis not to point out one little fact in regards to your following statement.

“but other than Willhelm, most of them don’t actually have experienced what it is to handle a whole clan in the waters of RavenBlack City.

They will need it, anyway.”

We might just be in better shape then yourselves at this point, which Leaders in Clan Capadocious have any experience at running a successful Clan?

I wish you all well in your transition, best of luck.

You will need it.

Brutus of DOA


Mafia has more then one Second in Command. You’re looking at one of them now.

Mandolin Goddess of Words Priestess of Lies and Twisted Truths Co-Founder of the Mafia 2iC, Mafia ~RoD’s~

Demonic Diati

Ah Mandolin Thank you for your comment here. As it has already been stated I am now currently one of the High Counsel of DOA. How ever Mandolin is 100% correct there are more than one 2ic of the Mafia and she is at this very moment the right hand of the God Father Lady Lilac. How ever DOA is allied with The Mafia and I am an Honorary Don of this fine clan. I may no longer be Mafia leadership but I shall never shirk my loyalties nor my respect of this clan as they offered me a fine home in a time of turmoil. Tipping his hat to Lady Mandolin it’s a pleasure to be in such company.

Demonic_Diati DOA High Counsel Member

Demonic Diati

Quiet honestly Latanya hearing the words of respect fall from your mouth astounds me. From one who has more skeletons in her closet than a grave yard you have little room to speak of such things. Further more you have not ever held a position of authority high enough within the Capadocian clan to even grasp the whole picture of leadership and or there activities. So do not be so presumptuous as to tell me I have not been degraded or been called names or been dishonored by My father Lord Capadocious. As for respecting thy enemies I never declared the Capadocian clan my enemy but I have been declared an enemy of Capadocians for the one name bestowed upon me by my father himself “Traitor”. As there are those within the Capadocian Clan remnants I do respect to say I do not respect my enemies would once again be an assumption on your part. So please do yourself a favor and learn from one of the best how to address someone out of your league I am sure Lord BubbleKnight would be willing to educate you in this. Please send My most pleasant regards to TaintedXgod oh oops might not wish to do that considering your painted past. I suppose I better do it myself…

Demonic_Diati DOA High Counsel Member