The Death of Narcisssism-Up Close and Personal with ophelia

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Narcisssa was zeroed late yesterday by opehlia and NiFlhEiM. After the infamous assassination cult known as The Splinters had brought her to near zero.

Yggdrasil, having fought virulently back, managed a great deal of blood shed themselves. Having zeroed almost all of the attacking Splinters numerous times, including Spinner, Lisastrata, Caboose, wdys, PoisonIvy, AdinTheDark, Mordent and finally killing SpiritLioness, who was recently in the news for leaving The Republic of Ravenblack and publicly spouting off in a negative manner about her former clan mates and the leadership.

In asking ophelia, why she felt Narcisssa had been made a target and by whom, she stated “Not a clue really. I suppose one could make all manner of guesses on who or why though. I have to hand it to the splinters though, they’re very tight lipped, that or kept in the dark on the whys of their contracts.” snorts

It appears that the attacks were discovered upon Narcisssas awakening a small while back. As relayed by ophelia, she said, “She awakened in the city to the holy waters, recognised the names and it went from there.”

She went on to say that although yggdrasil was not immediately sure if they would respond or not, once they did decide to react and come to Narcisssas aid, they were soon actively zeroing Splinters left and right.

An excerpt from the interview is as follows…

Hesu: May I ask who it is that has hit her? I mean I am sure the city would like to know who is actually a Splinter these days.

Ophelia: WhiteLighter, Spinner, Lisastrata, Caboose,wdys, PoisonIvy, AdinTheDark, SpiritLioness and Mordent- Ophelia: And I think that covers all of them Ophelia: Though its my understanding that Spinner is now in TF, and SpiritLioness is being coy on whether or not she’s a Splinter smiles

With the Splinters contract on Narcisssa complete, and SpiritLioness at zero it appears that the skirmish is complete, that is, unless yggdrasil decides a zeroing is in order for WhiteLighter, the only offending Splinter apparently left.

I did ask ophelia how she felt about the Splinters in general and this was her response. “I think they serve a purpose. There are many in the city, I’m sure that prefer not to bloody their own hands, so they pay someone else to do it. Having said that, and seeing the performance of this newest crew, I’d suggest that WhiteLighter, with all due respect, drag them back to the schoolroom for some lessons”

I have a feeling Whitelighter will hear of her helpful suggestions

She went on to state “I don’t think there’s really much to be said about the Splinters at this point.”snickers

So in a nutshell, the contract is complete and the Splinters are now at rest. yggdrasil got to stretch their arms and legs and attain a bit of target practice, unhappily losing Narcisssa, but awaiting her eminent return.

Rest In Peace Narcisssa, and congratulations to both clan, for a job well done.