The Story of Vampiress Rose

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Vampiress Rose walked threw the Dojo doors November 20th, 2005 as one of Angeliz’s pupils. Angeliz was there since the beginning for her. She taught her about loyalty and honesty and the values of family.

After graduation from the University, Vampiress Rose was placed in the Silhouettes house under the Leadership of Eliza Damian. The house at the time was a Thieving house. After about 6 months of being in Sils Rose took over Leadership and transformed it into another Warrior House.

For a long time she sat and watched her house grow and had great expections of it being just like the Inferno and KoA houses. She dreamed of how it was supposed to be one of the best houses in the Clan.

Vampiress Rose had worked really hard to get it up and running while Capadocious was away. When he returned all these changes where happening and all to fast for her . She couldn’t bare the fighting and arguing that was going on while these changes where taking place.

It started with whom she referes to as her grandpappy Demonic_Diati. He and Cap didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. She don’t know exactly what a lot of it was about but she knew that her grandfather was a great warrior and she watch him every battle to see what else she could learn.

She don’t think Capadocious liked the fact that everyone trusted Demonic_Diati, aka DD, more than Cap. When DD was threatened and was ready to leave, It appeared to Rose that Cap changed his tune and did everything in his power to keep DD in the clan. In her oppinion, she really thought that Cap was scared of DD and the power that he has in the city.

Then… Angeliz was given a position in the Clan that Cap never agreed to in the first place. She was put incharge of overseeing the happenings in all the schools. Vampiress Rose, did not know about this position she was given and at the same time Cap came to Rose and asked her if she wanted to take over one of the University and transform it into a school for the Silhouettes House.

This really made Angeliz furious that Cap went over her head and said it was a done deal that Vampiress Rose would be in charge of the new Sils Hall of Warriors School.

Capadocious and Angeliz fought and agrued and Rose agree with Angeliz on the matter. Cap just wasn’t listening and no one was falling for, his claims of unity and family, when he himself would say one thing and turn around and do something totally opposite. Vampiress Rose felt sorry but she was sure that this was not what leadership to me is all about.

Vampiress Rose felt that Capadocious knew everything that was going on while he was away. She thinks that is why all of the sudden changes occued upon his return. He didn’t like the fact that Willhelm was doing a fantastic job in leading the Capadiocian Clan to greatness without him and everyone was showing more loyalty to him instead of Cap.

About two days ago Vampiress Rose joined the many of Capadocians who felt that this has gone on long enough They felt that they had worked their asses off… for this clan and were tired of hearing the same speach everytime. How proud Cap is of them and how much he loved them and how much of a family they were.

They as a family did not see it. All they saw was more fighting, more arguing, more bickering and more belittling of a lot of the members and their feelings where getting hurt. They wanted a new start and a new beginning. So together they talked things out to find a solution, which was to start their own clan. To get out from under Caps leadership, and find a place where they could really have fun.

They all couldn’t really interact with their family members for they were split up into different houses and they felt this made it hard to keep a family together…. So they left and began Demons, Outlaws ans Angels.

Now Rose feels more at ease, and more happy. She can sit back and relax and not have all the stress. Her family is growing stronger together. More now than it ever had. She feels that joining up with D.O.A was the best move any of them could have ever made.

Rose believes, that as a family and team they will be able to conquer anything that is thrown their way. She still has some family in Caps Castle, and yes she will miss them very much. But she feels that you can’t force someone to follow you if they don’t want to.

She believes Cap has sugar coated a lot of his leadership techniques so they are confussed as to what to do. All they can do is just guide them and let them make there own choices. The DOA doors are always opened to them if they one day decide they have seen Cap for what he is and want to join the rest of there family

Vampiress Rose sees great things for herself and clan in the future. She feels she is bound to the best warrior that she knows and together they shall fight for what they believe in. Right now she believes in making DOA the best that it can be, fill its walls with fine warriors, watching the clan grow bigger each and everyday it exists. She knows that as long as there are loyal members there, they will survive and continue the fight against anyone that tries to bring them down.

DOA is still in the making and is going to take some time to get it up and running to par and hitting the streets in full force. But with as many members as they claim to have now they are off to a very good start.

She does believe DOA will be around for quite some time and that it will take a terrible force to bring them down. They have great leadership that plans to take them really far in the city

Vampiress Rose mentioned that Archangel, did not follow them to DOA and he is staying behind. She states that there are some in Caps Clan that will never be welcomed in their home.

Good luck Vampiress Rose and her new clan Demons, Outlaws and Angels



This doesn’t sound like Hesu at all. -Moirai


It was in Roses words… thanks for having such accute awareness of my vocabulary and nuances in speach Moirai