Mini-Interview with Majica Wilde

2 minute read

Yesterday, I had a quick sit down with both Demonic Diati and Majica Wilde regarding their conflict as it currently stands in the city. By the end of the discussions, I sent both vampires with a series of three related questions to answer. The following are the responses given by Majica. Once I receive Diati’s responses, they will shortly follow (pokes DD in the ribs gently :P )

1. If it was publicly proclaimed that the Mafia was washing its hands of you, why do you think Demonic Diati has decided to stage an independent action against you now??

The Mafia may say what they want, but they never washed their hands of me. Lilac became tired of the fact that others were not falling properly into line behind her, and the only way to save face was to say she was done with it. Demonic Diati is proud of his lapdog status to her, and I find it hard to believe he would ever have the will or spine to act on this on his own. I am just a Mother to my family, who advises and cares for her children. If a so called leader like Demonic Diati sees me as such a threat without the whispers of a woman in his ear, our city is in much more trouble then I thought.

And in addition, I’m understanding that Lady Lilac was in their war conference last night. MmMm.. she’s washed her hands alright hasn’t she? shakes head

2. What would your terms for the end of the conflict be, if any?

The conflict as it stands is not in my hands. My childe, Remi, is fighting for her own reasons, and on her own terms. If the other side is feeling the need to end the fighting, then they might want to rethink their paths in life, and go from there.

As for my motivation for fighting? What do you do when a bully pushes you about? You defend yourself as best as possible given the circumstances/tools that you have.. and hope that it’s enough to knock that bully down. I will always fight for the well being and integrity of my children.. as well as for myself.

Sadly, earlier this day, it was suggested that I give a false apology just to end this farce. There shall be no apologizing for something I didn’t do and my integrity will remain intact.

3. Is there anything you’d like to add.

Indeed. That the use of thralls, the need to pay for outside hits, and the pressuring/threatening of family members as well as those within their own clans to hit when they clearly do not wish to, is just sad. Seriously.. we are but 2 Vampiresses against this massive Mafia army. Is the need to resort to these tactics really necessary?