Secret Santa

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A missive for all of the City of RavenBlack to read:

For the rest of the month of December only, the vampiresses Narcisssa and Annabelle will be bringing back the much loved Secret Santa Service, and including a new member to the Service - CrimsonClover. This service strives to set aside all clan differences in order to offer a Non-Profit Service to the entire City. Send those you admire, hate, or simply want to annoy dandelions, roses, orchids, or diamonds - whatever your budget allows for. The charge is simply the Discount prices of these items plus the cost of a discount teleport. All clients will remain anonymous, unless they specifically ask to be recognized. This is strictly non-profit, of course, but tips are acceptable and much appreciated*

In order to bring you this service, it is asked that all orders that require delivery before December 25th be made by December 20th and all orders needing to be received by January 1st be made by December 24th.

For more information contact CrimsonClover (CrimsonClover2998), Narcisssa (EvilNarcissa), or Annabelle (AnnabelleAdaire)

*Flower deliverers reserve the right to make price adjustments on an order to order basis. Flowers can be delivered in varying states of healthiness. Messages can be included in all deliveries and are free of charge. All recipients should remember “Don’t shoot the messenger!”