House of D’dary Joins the Fray….

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On Valentine’s Day, the Sypheronias, along with Majica, Mina, Moon_Shadow, Jaenelle, and RemipunX began attacking the House of Lomax. The Lomaxes returned fire and as a result, the House of D’dary has now become involved. Since both Jaenelle and RemipunX belong to the D’dary family, the D’dary’s decided to return fire on behalf of their family.

About a month ago, in what is now commonly referred to as the Farce War, a member of the House of Lomax attacked Majica, RemipunX, and Ollie as part of their war orders. The three returned fire, and the House of Lomax responded as a unit. They attacked the three of them for attacking their kin the night before Seth Lomax, patriarch of the bloodline, was scheduled to duel with kaio999. The D’dary’s have responded in kind during this most recent battle, in an attempt to give the Lomaxes a taste of their own medicine.

When asked for comment, Andre D’dary, sire of RemipunX, had the following the say, “…might want to point out to them that they seem to have missed me off their hitlist. Scared, or just incompetant?”

Will the House of Lomax admit that they were wrong during the Farce War and attempt to make amends before more bodies pile up?

Will Andre D’dary ever make it on the Lomax hit list?

As we learn it, you’ll have it here at the Ravenblack Grimoire.