Skirmish Over: All that Remains are Lomax Dead

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The battle that started on Thursday night ended just as quickly on Saturday night, with the fall of Calisto Lomax by the House of D’dary, EvilDrusilla by the original attackers (although it has been reported that Seth Lomax took the final shot), and Seth Lomax, also by the House of D’dary.

I have been asked to clarify that although the Sypheronias, members of Majica’s House of Wilde, and the House of D’dary were attacking the same targets, that all three groups had different reasons and does not signify an alliance between any of these groups.

With that said, the end result is the same. The staff of the Grimoire wish each of the three a good rest, and extend congratulations to the victors. And allow me to interject a small editorial addition by the writer? [AKA What follows is OPINION] Seth, this IS what happens when you forget who came before you. Those who giveth can and sometimes do, taketh away.