Seraphim… The Story Behind the Story

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Part 1 ‘The Seeds of Treachery’

In February 2004… the world shifted for the 80+ members of Clan Archangel. evilichicken, the semi longstanding leader of the Clan… with little or no warning, stepped down and returned the reigns of leadership to Archangel. Archangel had been almost a non entitiy for many of the proceding months and quite a few of the clan, including Hesu, the at the time leader of The Forge (AA School), Security, as well as Mapping.

A plot had been hatched prior to all of these changes. The clan had been led to believe that Clan Capadocious was coming to overtake them. This untruth, that had been spoon fed to the entire population of the AA clan has now been thoroughly debunked as paranoia or even more likely an out and out lie, created by the then “leaders” to gain support for their rather unrealistic plot.

Archangel had hardly been around, and yes many of the members did not know him, but they knew of him and they were in fear of his power. With no knowledge of the clan and only the knowledge of “selected” leaders. Archangel was publicly “kicked” from the clan and proceded to try to gain access to Capadocious clan, in an attempt to somehow avoid the ensuing attack, that was never eminent anyway.

As the far fetched plan proceded and became rather obvious that it was destined to fail… the few leaders left out of the loop were slowly informed, albeit to different degrees of what was the actual case. Close and dear friends at the time, yankees suck and Hesu, were fully appraised and both of them became livid about such a hair brained, careless plot being hatched and executed with no say from them as leaders. Cavir, was only half way forwarned by evilchicken, who had stopped trusting Cavir, when her romantic intentions had been disuaded by him.

Archangel was out of the clan, and his tenure in Clan Capadocious was short. Suddenly he found himself, out of AA, publicly humiliated for treason and out of Cap clan, which was the entire point of the crazy and illy planned plot in the first place. He was begging to return, feeling lost and alone out there, and with good reason. All of this charade had been for naught, and now there was no acceptable way or reasoning to get him back into Clan AA without admitting the truth about why he had been expelled in the first place or just allowing him to return… essentially allowing someone back in, that had been dramatically forced from the clan for treachery, in the eyes of the clan and the city.

yankees suck and Cavir, never really got over being left out of the loop. Cavir, the highly successful leader of the then extremely productive Intel Board (shops) became forlorn and silent and unknown to anyone, especially Hesu, yankees suck began plotting his revenge.

How Archangel finally regained access to the clan, was a convoluted and shady mess, but there was definate strain between he and many of the leaders. Then that fateful day came… at a Valentines Day celebration. evilchicken handed the clan over to Archangel.

As the clan reeled in it’s surprise… a plot was being devised. Headed by Avigon, Arsanga, Naomi and yankees suck… the first inkling of what Seraphim was to be was in the works…the seeds for treachery had been planted!!!

to be continued