The Capadosia

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The Capadosia is a wild flower, a very persistent flower that can be found trying to plant itself everywhere in the City. Scientists suggest that the goal of this plant is to take over the City, and historical evidence points to this having been the case once or twice before.

This plant is normally a shadow of its full bloom - it only tends to bloom for a couple of days before being attacked by other plants and brought down to a husk or a seed again. However, it seems that this flower has the unusual ability to regenerate itself - after attacks by other plants, it withers and dies, but gradually turns green again until it can once more attempt to bloom in a new garden.

It is quite a prickly plant - the stem has many sharp barbs, and anyone trying to crush the Capadosia under their feet usually finds themselves with a number of punctures in the soles of their feet. The petals are not a specific colour, they change depending on the climate at the time they actually manage to bloom. For people attempting to grow tame Capadosia flowers in their house, a warning - don’t expose to excessive sunlight, and what ever you do, don’t talk to them and stroke their egos…



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