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In a powerful display of loyalty to the newly departed members of Clan Seraphim, the membership showed how they felt as they set fire anything they could get their hands on. It has been reported that Murrz Ramirez ó Cionaoith took control of the Defense Compound and gave everyone 24 hours notice to leave if they were loyal to Avigon. Simultaneously, members from within began to move in swift fashion.

Altania Ramirez ó Cionaoith and Gringa ó Cionaoith, taking the cue from Murrz, began to torch everything they could get to, including Library, Trade, and PR files. Sapphira rounded all the students in the Aule and sent them out into the night, and then burned all files and curriculum before departing herself, where her next trip was directly to the Hall of Severence to divorce her current husband, Sinthetik, who chose to stay behind.

Currently, the exiles have taken control of the following departments within Seraphim: Trade, PR, and the Defense Compound.

As the fire burned, other members of Seraphim said their goodbyes and departed. EmpressLizard, Altania Ramirez ó Cionaoith, Gringa ó Cionaoith , Sapphira, Naomi, Anton Dameon, Belzebub, and SoulReaper, and Rykoth ó Cionaoith are noted to be among the members who have left this evening.

In additional news, Gringa ó Cionaoith asked her sire, Lady bondage, to sever her this evening as she moves forth to bigger things. She stated that she will be binding to Murzz Ramirez ó Cionaoith sometime this weekend and looking forward to her new life.

Now’what happens when some of the departed have access to Parliament??? Stay tuned for up to the minute updates right here at the Ravenblack Grimoire.



Such a tragic loss…. :(

Damia Morgan

When one decides to throw stones..or in this case vampires out of a glass house, then they should throw everybody out who is connected to those. For whose to say the ones that say will just leave quietly in the night.

Nods Nice story ;)

Damia ó Cionaoith Wifey of Dilectus Mother of Many ~regrouping~


I’d say it’s a nice account. I can only confirm that since they wanted to change Seraphim I merely helped with that, they have a “clean slate” I guess you can call it because everything was wiped. and I enjoyed burning it to the ground whistles not-so-innocently

Lord BubbleKnight

…and that’s the way to do it. Out with the intruders!!!

remembers when creperum tried to overtake the Capadocian Castle and how did he lead the exile and resistance

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan


smiles softly love you guys… ;)

~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Seraphim Incarnate Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez