Before the Walls Came Tumbling Down

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I had an opportunity to speak with Spinner and Avigon 2 days ago. Here are their interviews.

Interviews on the aftermath that has occured SINCE these interviews were procured are forth coming

Sue Yochum: good evening Hesu: would you perhaps have something youd like to say for the Grimoire? We seem to only have one side of the news… Id like make it even Sue Yochum: what would you like to know, that is if i can tell anything different Hesu: well… Hesu: fiddles with glasses again Hesu: How long has this revolt been in the works? Sue Yochum: for me…my part in it? Hesu: Well, tell me what you know of it from beginning to end and I shall report on it Sue Yochum: i know that i was shocked and unhappy when my sire resigned as regent…she and i talked and shared the entire way it went down Hesu: nods Hesu: Would you like to give me a running dialogue of how you saw it go down? Sue Yochum: after talking to Avigon about her resignation and the event leading up to it, it felt coerced Hesu: I see Hesu: and so what happened next? Sue Yochum: i know that i am a newer member of the clan with ideas of how to make things better, how to make Seraphim what it had always intended to be…i told her i would bide my time until that could happen Hesu: I understand Sue Yochum: patience in some cases is worth it’s weight in gold Hesu: I know that all to well Hesu: so at what point do this plot solidify? Sue Yochum: I don’t really see it as a plot, but as a means to make the changes that needed to happen, well, happen Hesu: of course Sue Yochum: it’s funny, after i had asked Ravyne to sever me so i could be sired by someone in Seraphim, i thought long and hard about who that would be…i chose Avigon because we had been in conversation and saw things in similar light Hesu: makes sense Hesu: so was the date preset for this “cleansing”? Sue Yochum: no Hesu: or was it just taking the opportune time? Sue Yochum: it was decided upon two days ago, with me talking to members about how i felt the resignation was wrong and feeling out what others thought as well Sue Yochum: i learned how to play good cop, bad cop very well in previous clans Hesu: *nods Hesu: So now that you have an evil warrior in the clan… you are going to be an evil warring clan I suppose? Sue Yochum: e are going to be a prepared clan Hesu: as is always wise Hesu: I am a staunch believer in preparedness Hesu: as you well know I am sure Sue Yochum: it is a good thing Sue Yochum: and as i respect that in you Hesu: why thank you Sue Yochum: you are quite welcome Sue Yochum: i have known only kindness from you Hesu: *smile Hesu: it is in general… my way Hesu: so whats in your future Spinner? Sue Yochum: that it is Hesu: what do you see on your road ahead Hesu: ? Sue Yochum: as you know, i support my sire Sue Yochum: my only future is to serve the ideal of my clan well, and honestly Sue Yochum: to defend my clan Hesu: integritous view at best Hesu: anything you would like to say to sum up this days events? Sue Yochum: clan Seraphim is still a major force in the city…we are on our way to becoming the clan that was envisioned from the beginning of its inception Hesu: yes of course Sue Yochum: I’m trying to think if there is anything else i should add Sue Yochum: but then i’ve been in the paper a lot recently Hesu: indeed Sue Yochum: i am a bit surprised it is i you chose to interview, being i was zeroed exactly a week ago Hesu: what does that have to do with anything? Hesu: you arent resting as far as I know Sue Yochum: i only was resting on the game board…i have chosen not to follow torpor in other ways Sue Yochum: still some see me as a ghost Hesu: I see Hesu: would you like me to post your comments as Spinners ghostly apparition? Sue Yochum: no not at all…I am alive and well Hesu: ok ——————————————— Hesu: Good evening Avigon puts on editor glasses Hesu: would you perhaps have something youd like to say for the Grimoire? We seem to only have one side of the news… Id like make it even skadimundr: hmm, ask away, but i’ve been advised of what i should and shouldn’t answer Hesu: Advised? Hesu: ok, well then Hesu: How long has this revolt been in the works? skadimundr: ever since it first became known that a new set of clan boards had been made, a couple months ago, we began working on a backup plan. this emergency plan was set up just about a month ago. Hesu: clan boards? Hesu: just like the AA plan? Hesu: snicker Hesu: sorry Hesu: puts editor glasses back on Hesu: so when did Moirai enter into this plan? skadimundr: he joined the clan today. Hesu: I see Hesu: I find it interesting being that he had always been rather close to Arsanga Hesu: but thats just an observation Hesu: Moirai always has a plan Hesu: so what are your plans now? skadimundr: taking it slow for now… Hesu: With an evil warrior attached to Seraphim…you plan on being a warring clan now? skadimundr: i really can’t say Hesu: so tell me Hesu: what do you see in your future? skadimundr: you know, last time i tried divining the future, i accidentally used plain stones instead of runes… painted a very confusing picture Hesu: heh heh Hesu: well I dont need clairvoyance Hesu: only your vision Hesu: *smile Hesu: I am sure you have a vision skadimundr: i do, but i’m not at liberty to discuss that at this time Hesu: I see Hesu: anything you would like to say to sum up these events? skadimundr: hmmm… skadimundr: there’s a lot of things i’d LIKE to say, but none of them would read well in print. Hesu: also could you tell me what you saw as Seraphims weaknesses, issues and strengths Hesu: perhaps give me an idea of more details that lead you to this coop, so to speak skadimundr: strengths… damn fine people. issues and weaknesses… too much two-facedness. skadimundr: that, i can’t get into right now. skadimundr: i’m not being very helpful, my apologies… the dust is still settling. Hesu: I understand Hesu: I just want to report on the truth and be as even as I am able skadimundr: i know, i understand skadimundr: but jauk was promised the exclusive, so i can’t give you any details she hasn’t already gotten Hesu: ok I understand skadimundr: more details will come out Hesu: ok Hesu: well thank you so very much for your time

I continue to wait for this “exclusive”


Damia Morgan

New clan boards? snickers Oh yeah cause we would SO do that…

wow the things you find out you did that you didnt even know you had done ;)

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Yes, there was one new clan board created! I made it!

Though only just days ago.

And it’s called seraphim_seduction. Y’know, for liaisons and stuff… ::snickers:: They can have it!