Before the Walls Came Tumbling Down 2 (An Interview with Murrz)

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This is an interview PRIOR to the most recent events. A new interview with Murrz is in the works…

Hesu: Hello my friend MUrrz: hows that for timing Hesu: puts on editor glasses MUrrz: i just double clicked on your name and your message appeared Hesu: creepy Hesu: I just interviewed Avi MUrrz: oh? Hesu: could I get an interview with you? MUrrz: of course Hesu: would you be willing to disclose more intimate details of what led up to this “take over”? MUrrz: of course Hesu: well I just want to get more in depth details to what led up to this event MUrrz: nods Hesu: so that I can add these details in with Spinners and Avis interviews Hesu: making it less one sided Hesu: and ummm Hesu: more enlightening Hesu: cough MUrrz: hehe Hesu: so lets go back a few weeks and detail the events leading up to this coup MUrrz: we have all known for a long time that Avi’s leadership is either non-existant or really really poor - the only thing she has done for the Clan in the last few months is lead a coup to take it over after she resigned as Regent Hesu: yes yes Hesu: I had been hearing this myself MUrrz: so the Clan was gradually coming to grips with this, and we had a couple of Clan conferences where we decided that we really didnt want Avigon leading us any more. Arsanga and Damia and Naomi spoke to her about stepping down, since she has always claimed she does not want to lead, nor does she want any power (which, incidentally, is a load of codswallop). She resigned and stepped down, with bad grace, then just pulled this out of nowhere earlier today. MUrrz: you should probably speak with Damia about the events leading up to it - she had a greater hand in it than i, due to my human being away for a while Hesu: *nods MUrrz: thats how i saw it, but its probably a lot more detailed than that MUrrz: the Regent has always been a position of power - in all the structure charts and in the Constitution itself, the Regent is ranked as the highest single rank, above Prime Minister and above other Ministers MUrrz: the position was designed to be the highest rank in the Clan MUrrz: when we first held a poll to see whether we wanted Avigon to remain as Regent, her defence was that he Regent wasnt supposed to be a position of power, merely ceremonial MUrrz: she kept harking back to designing it so she had no real power, so the Prime Minister had all the power MUrrz: so when the Clan declared a state of emergency because we were about to fall apart over stuff, she waltzed straight in the next day and declared that she was taking control of the Clan according to the Constitution MUrrz: so it was an autocracy under her until we voted to end the emergency MUrrz: she kept saying that Regent wasnt a position of power MUrrz: and she has always been saying that she has never wanted to lead or be a leader, that she felt forced into it MUrrz: but every time we have questioned her leadership abilities she has thrown a hissy fit and threatened to leave the Clan MUrrz: she did leave once, but she was talked back in MUrrz: so she eventually resigned as Regent MUrrz: and then just days after that, she pulls a coup and bans all the people who she doesnt like MUrrz: and takes the Clan for her own Hesu: Well clarify something Hesu: if you would MUrrz: of course Hesu: had you all made a mirror clan? Hesu: as you had done before yo left AA Hesu: her claim is, that you had a mirror clan, to jump too Hesu: and thats what sparked her coup MUrrz: no, we hadnt - we didnt see this one coming at all MUrrz: we are presently setting up a new Clan, but this is completely from scratch MUrrz: shes talking shit, as usual, because she needs to justify her lust for power Hesu: So what about this developement of Moirai joining Seraphim as Head of Defense Hesu: I thought he was friendly with Arsanga MUrrz: im intrigued - i think he will either tire quickly of Avigon and her cronies and leave, or just take over and have Seraphim as his own Clan MUrrz: i thought so too Hesu: he and I had discussed more than once, how SIE would bore him due to our tendency not to war Hesu: you feel this is a sign that Seraphim will become more agressive? MUrrz: yes MUrrz: i think they will try to be, and will fail Hesu: could you list for me who has stayed and who has gone with you? MUrrz: we know for certain that Avigon, Kerzhan, Sinthetik, ronnamura and Spinner are staying Hesu: Kerz? MUrrz: me, Arsanga, Damia, plus a few others are joining the new Clan as far as we know so far MUrrz: yes Hesu: I see Hesu: and what about the pact to bow down to Cap as Prince of the city? Hesu: who is now liable for that? MUrrz: well, Seraphim had to do that because of Avi’s proud boast MUrrz: so as far as im concerned, Seraphim is bound to that because of Avigon Hesu: ok Hesu: please Hesu: I know it is early to ask Hesu: but can you give me any insight to the new clan? MUrrz: it will be much stronger and darker than Seraphim, assuming we use my idea for structure Hesu: good? evil? MUrrz: not sure yet - probably not either, more chaotic, but that will need to be decided on at a better time Hesu: Did you know Avis plan has been in the works for a month? Hesu: well, according to she and Spinner MUrrz: doesnt surprise me MUrrz: i would say that Avigon has a few hardcore supporters, as do the newly exiled, but that there are plenty of people who seem undecided at the minute MUrrz: some who previously left Seraphim because of Avigon are now joining with us in our new Clan

Thank you Murrz, for your honest and insightful information