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Buh Bye Rena…

less than 1 minute read

The vampire Elvenbane has drunk no pints of blood. Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) T...

Moondreamer Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

The combined warriors of TiC/Yggdrasil/ES draw first blood in this conflict, taking down the Church of Blood’s Moondreamer. The final blow was dealt by Coun...

War from the Lawn Chair: Day Two Point Five

25 minute read

Well, we’re halfway through the second day of this war, and wow. A portion of DoA entered the frey, and set out to make a name for themselves by chest beati...

ladypeacek is Sired

less than 1 minute read

lady peace: The binding ritual is complete. Your new sire is Hesu

War from the Lawn Chair: Day Two

11 minute read

Well day two and both sides are seeing large amounts of blood loss. I sit here and watch in my throne like lawn chair, sipping the finest in blood wine and h...

Love Affair?

less than 1 minute read

Word on the street is that jerseydevil and Lesion have something going. wink wink

War from the Lawn Chair: Day One

5 minute read

Well, we’re a day into this battle between old enemies, and other than the fact that I bought a brand new cushioned lawn chair for the occassion (expensed to...

And the War Begins

1 minute read

Rumours, rumours, rumours of war have abounded for weeks. Whispers in the ears of leaders on which side might they take, this one or that.