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LadyP Takes the Zero

3 minute read

Daemon, a notoriously troubled vampire, who was recently in the news when he slipped and fell “accidentally” hitting a few vampires with HW… was zeroed last ...

The Risen

less than 1 minute read

Yes, yes EvilBill has risen from the shadows. It is hardly a secret and that he was on his way, has not exactly been a secret for awhile now. But the Church ...

Pub Review ~Secret Sanctuary~

2 minute read

Ravenblack’s City is known for many things. The streets are overflowing with decadence and sensuality, crime and debauchery. There are as many different reas...

XXXshadowXXX = 0

less than 1 minute read

XXXshadowXXX was zero’d yesterday for repeated attacks on Boomerangele. The reason for the attacks was her severing of him as a sire and taking a new sire, T...

Justyn, my dark prince

less than 1 minute read

I’ve sworn to do anything you asked. I’m severing my ties with my sire, as you told me to. Now I want to ask you something. Will you marry me?

ARCHAS and BrandiS

less than 1 minute read

For those of you who do not know BrandiS and ARCHAS have been severed for months now. We both have moved on with our unlives with those whom we love. I am so...

Whoops I Did It Again ~Horrorscopes~

10 minute read

AQUARIUS Coffin repair, car repair, wardrobe malfunctioning(checks out the errr well), have you noticed recently how everything you rely on breaks down just ...

I Have Fallen and I Cant Get Up

1 minute read

Daemon the vampire had a horrible accident near the binding hall this evening. He slipped and fell on some rice left over from a wedding and accidentally HWd...