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I’m so egocentric that when I leave a room, I think the place fades to black, like the fridge light.

Opinions on Power - Jauk

1 minute read

Question: Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clan...

Die Nachthexen Deeds

less than 1 minute read

Divorce After years of being a widow to the shadows, ghostlady’s lonliness has finally ended. Nara~LadyFae went to jam’s coffin side and asked for his bles...

Opinions on Power - Arsanga

2 minute read

This is the start of the interest story we here at the Grimoire call “Opinions on Power” where we have approached certain vampires from different parts of th...

Siring: Sartori Sires ladypeacek

less than 1 minute read

Looks like Sartori has been a very busy boy. Wethinks his legendarily padded pockets are going to take some serious hits with all these daughters.


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God, Host or not, is a dish served cold.