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I’m so egocentric that when people don’t talk about me, I believe I’m not here.

Zeroed: PsYcHoKitten killed by The Dominion

less than 1 minute read

The Dominion killed her because she attacked one of that clan. When given 24 hours to respond, all was quiet. LadyRobinHood got the final blow as DarkestAnge...


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From immemorial times that I have quartered my cerebral sphincters to painfully give birth to some laborious and hateful texts about people I don’t even real...

News Flash - Clan Capadocious Attacks

1 minute read

Or not so news flash for those of you who have been following the rather odd attempt to zero Sapphira of Clan Seraphim by Clan Capadcious.

Balance Of Power

3 minute read

A new pecking order is in the offing. Or is it? It seems this paper has said that a lot lately, but it can be argued, now that both The Church of Blood and ...

Divorce: JeanDeVenn and Pandrora

less than 1 minute read

Severs ties to eachother in what was an amicable split. It seems, apathy was not limited to clans, but to wedded bliss as well.