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Interview with Sartori

18 minute read

Sartori: looks at your status and bats his eyelashes Ladywulfe: lol!!! Ladywulfe: hey you! Sartori: laughs Ladywulfe: so you ready for me Sartori: if you’re ...

Guild Locations

2 minute read

Guilds moved on 24th Feb 2006 Next move: 28th Feb 2006

Shadow Court Name Chancellors

5 minute read

The Shadow Court today named their new Chancellors as CHASS, Em and Obsidian. Although there has been much speculation about Obsidian’s role, the other two w...

Lost and Lonely in RBC

less than 1 minute read

Counting silently to herself the many books on her shelf she wishes something else she could find to otherwise absorb her time, the beauty she seeks she has ...

The Entries

1 minute read

This section contains the entries to the pub competition in the order in which they were received. Comments LadyShadowFire Name of Pub: Wicked Dreams

Guild Locations

1 minute read

Guilds moved on 20th Feb 2006 Next expected move: 24th Feb 2006

Evilive_inc In Stirring Fight Back

1 minute read

Round: 5   BloodStartFinishBlood Loss Lucius25158671648 evilive_inc13322141118   TotalsLucius 1183 aheadLucius 653 aheadevilive_inc gains 530 &nbs...