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Interview with HBK

10 minute read

Ladywulfe: very well…. Let me start by saying Im happy to meet you HBK: same here Ladywulfe: I am Ladywulfe of SIE Ladywulfe: ok, I will go right to it Ladyw...

Live and Let Douse

less than 1 minute read

In the first of what we hope to be many hilarious caricatures, Lunaida graces us with this humourous take on the duel between Lucius and evilive_inc. Comment...

End Of The Line For Evilive?

3 minute read

Round: 4   BloodStartFinishBlood Loss Lucius429225151777 evilive_inc357413322242   TotalsLucius 718 aheadLucius 1183 aheadLucius gains 465   ...

Guild Locations

1 minute read

Guilds moved on 15th Feb 2006 Next expected move: 20th Feb 2006

An Apology

less than 1 minute read

Apologies to those who submitted their Valentine messages late and did not have them printed on the day. Although there was no specified deadline, the Ravenb...