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TiC Sever Alliance With SIE

less than 1 minute read

The Inner Circle today severed it’s long standing alliance with the Sanctuary for Immortal Enlightenment. TiC supremo, Lady What The, took this action in res...

Interview with Lucius

1 minute read

The Ravenblack Grimoire interviews Lucius following round 3 of The Duel Heard ‘Round the City, where he is the current front runner.

Lucius Clinches Bloodiest Round Yet

less than 1 minute read

Round: 3   VampireStartFinishBlood Loss Lucius624142911950 evilive_inc566435622102   TotalsLucius 577 aheadLucius 729 aheadLucius gains 152  ...

The Second Night of the Duel

2 minute read

A misty gloom hung over the duel zone as Lucius and evilive_inc, accompanied by their witnesses, waited for the second round of the duel to begin. A fierce b...


less than 1 minute read

We have had one great journey together haven’t we? How quickly things can turn around from hate to admiration and possibly more. Thank you so much for the pa...