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Change…blessing or a curse?

4 minute read

Change. An interesting topic, change is one that is constantly brought up in this city and around the world in various incarnations. The willingness to cha...

Ghettos Undergoing Beautification?

1 minute read

The ghettos have been flooded….with elders! That’s right folks the elder’s of the city have been slumming lately. Could it be that the ghettos have gotten a ...

jerseydevil and Lesion

less than 1 minute read

Many congratulations to the new couple and here is to wishing you an eternity of happiness together!

For my Pea

less than 1 minute read

Love…such a short word, but it carries so much. It can be a noun…when I say, “You are my love.” It is a verb…when I say, “I love you.” And it can even be ...