Recent stories

The Flip Side- A Real Ferrymens Account.

17 minute read

So’the other side of the coin’the ex-Ferrymen spoke out on their view of the alliance situation’maybe its time someone that is still inside those walls speak...

The Ferrymen Bow Out

13 minute read

It was a rocky union at best from the start. The Ferrymen struggled internally to keep up with the demands of what the Alliance represented, what the Allianc...

Raven_Moon and EvilDrusilla Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

…kill started by SIE/EoE/RoR/HoR as a result of treason against SIE. Zeroed by relatives at the family manor. Rest well, and return anew. Comments Thalia...

Op-Ed The Evolution of Violence

4 minute read

What gives a government authority? Consensus by the people within its borders? No. The right for everyone to participate in its operation? No. Then what give...

kaio999 Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

kaio999 was zeroed tonight as a result of his removal from SIE for treason. The kill was started by the combined forces of SIE, EoE, HoR, and RoR and finish...

The Release of Hot Air- A Statement by Hesu

4 minute read

kaio999 was booted from his former clans Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment, from now on referred to as SIE and the Enforcers of Enlightenment, aka EoE, whe...

LadyPeacek Leaves the "Bloodline"

less than 1 minute read

Upon mutual agreement LadyPeacek was severed by Hesu this afternoon with no fan fare. This severs the Wolfe family completely from Hesus line, something many...

Chiru Sires Seppuku

less than 1 minute read

Because he so badly wanted to be a master vampire and yet somehow just couldn’t. Better luck next time. smiles sweetly