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less than 1 minute read

Amaranthe is dead and she has severed me as her Sire.

Changing Tides

4 minute read

In an unprecedented move that could literally change the landscape of RavenBlackCity, ophelia Lokason made a bold gesture tonight by severing her Sire Maveri...

spookie back from the dead

4 minute read

Yes… once again the dead has risen. From the depths of the great beyond. Even those that have spent centuries ridiculing those that have done the same, seem ...

Truth Be Told

1 minute read

In breaking news this evening. Copies of excerpts from a personal manuscript belonging to Lucius have been delivered to the Grimoire. These manuscript copies...

A Polite Warning

less than 1 minute read

The Ravenblack Grimoire has been combating increasing numbers of spammers of late. From this point on, anyone who registers using a name with more than thre...