Recent stories

A New Game In Town

2 minute read

Though we of the immortal kind have centuries to live, much like us,some habits just won’t seem to die. One of them is the love for football. Yes, you heard...

LordKadaj Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

LordKadaj has drunk one pint of blood. Rest well.

The Rage of Silence

5 minute read

In a fit of despair and anger Lucius lashed out at Amaranth and Juddin Scire Holy Watering them for what it appears to be acts against their own family.

melanctha takes a new lineage

less than 1 minute read

melanctha has severed her absent sire Rodargo and taken ladyfae as her sire. Best wishes to both!!! Comments persephone Congratulations to you both smiles...

Miranda Dawn and MacManus Bind

less than 1 minute read

Congratulations to the new couple. Comments Lady Ophy Congratulations to my chylde MacManus and to my close friend Miranda Hope you have a wonderful unlife...

Archontohs and Kyra Niteblade Bind

less than 1 minute read

Best wishes to the new couple! Comments saoirse Congrats to you both may live wonderful unlives together for all eternity.