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1 minute read

I will not let my Childer use my name as a weapon against one another, I will not tolerate any lie spoken by my own in my name, especially when it is threate...

Lesion Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

Lesion was sent to torpor this evening by members of the Mafia and other sub-contracted parties.

Es Beacy & Marlena to Sever

less than 1 minute read

Es Beacy has asked that Marlena find freedom and the severance will be soon to come. Comments Vermathrax rex I am one of the few who have seen some of the ...

Double Whammy

less than 1 minute read

lady darkness severs desmb3 and gains a new Sire, Leprichaun. Congratulations to the new Sire and Childe!

Brayden, my love.

less than 1 minute read

To my Brayden, I love you more than the waking light of a moon lit sky. The life that I have come to share with you has made me realize that I have never bee...

The Most Influential Campaign

3 minute read

Well, as the last conflict has wrapped itself up and all the vamps and vampiresses in the city are relatively quiet handling their own business, I felt this ...

Seyda: Unleashed Again

7 minute read

Well, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sat at my office here at the Grimoire Headquarters and cranked out a column for printing. So as I sit here at...