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The Pubs

4 minute read

Ah, the key to the guilds, the barmen. Pubs are where you can buy drinks and gather information about the moving buildings like Magic and Pawn shops, and mor...

The Transits

2 minute read

There are nine transit stations spaced equally throughout the city. On Mongoose where it crosses 25th, 50th and 75th, where Zelkova crosses 25th, 50th and 75...

The Banks

less than 1 minute read

Banks are addressed briefly in the FAQ, which is recommended reading later, so you will see this info repeated, but it’s here none the less.

The City

4 minute read

Well, hopefully you’ve read the How To Play that is on the game server and you already have some idea of how the city is laid out. I’ll reprint the text here...

Action Points

2 minute read

Many people seem to be a bit confused early on about how the Action Points function based on various criteria. Because of that, I think it needs enough clari...

Your Vampire

4 minute read

So you have this vampire. Let’s log in and go check it out. Get to the game page and log in, then click the link in the upper right of your screen that says ...

The Point?

1 minute read

Many players get to their first city view, click around a bit and say to themselves ‘what the hell is the point of this?’ Usually, they proceed then to check...

Beginners Guide

1 minute read

My intent with these texts is to offer the brand-spanking-new player a bit of assistance in understanding the game and, hopefully, encourage their playing an...


1 minute read

Like I said in the introduction, this is by no means an ideal way for every player. Some may decide only to get a few powers they think useful. Some may deci...

Part IV

2 minute read

Stamina 2 represents a huge chunk of BP to lose, so I hope you can see the importance of both Suction and donations. At this point I actually would say donat...