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The Other Stuff

less than 1 minute read

Holy shit, it’s the final page of this series! Congratulations! I know it’s been a long, sometimes overly simple, sometimes too complicated but certainly inf...

The Powers

3 minute read

Well here’s the coolest shit. Getting the powers. And here’s the best way to get all the powers as fast as possible: Donate $200 to RavenBlack and you will h...

The Guilds

5 minute read

The guilds are where you get powers or are given instructions for a quest to attain them. The powers are discussed next in better detail, but for now, here i...

Vials of Holy Water

2 minute read

Tip Text "If the owner of this item should find themselves in proximity to a vampire, it might well be a lifesaver - a vampire splashed with Holy Wate...

Scrolls of Teleportation

less than 1 minute read

Tip Text "While reading this scroll, the reader should concentrate on a location. They will be safely transported to that location."

Using Scroll of Turning

less than 1 minute read

Illustration of what the screen may look like prior to using a Scroll of Turning

More Commands Link

less than 1 minute read

A graphic illustration of where the More Command link is located

Scrolls of Turning

2 minute read

Tip Text "This scroll should be read in a specific direction. Any undead within a short distance in that direction will become confused and distracted,...

The Items

2 minute read

WARNING: I’m going to be extremely careful in explaining the items as new players seem to have many many seemingly obvious and simple questions about them an...

The Shops

2 minute read

Shops come in two types now: Magic shops, which sell the items you will learn about shortly, and Pawn shops, which will buy back items at a loss. First, I’ll...