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Part I

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Chapter 1 - Sinistra Crimson dreams Chapter 2 - Furling A presence is felt Chapter 3 - Angel of Red Questions Chapter 4 - Eraziel Valek bites Chapter 5 - Va...

Trusted Users

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Trusted users are authenticated users that have posted a number of useful comments and have shown that they are NOT:

Authenticated Users

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Authenticated users have completed the basic registration process by filling in the “Create new account” form and logging in. Authenticated users may read a...

Anonymous Users

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Anonymous users are those people who just come to the site to read the books or the blog entries. They wish to gather information or learn. They have no desi...

Roles & Permissions

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All people who use of this site fall into one of a number of roles. These roles determine what actions they may perform on the site. This section describes ...


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This game can be a really enjoyable hobby or a sorry addiction. It can be boring or it can be a pleasant distraction. What it becomes to you is for you to de...


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I already touched on the whole groups and clans thing several times, most elaborately in the FTA FAQ, so I won’t bother going into that much of the topic her...

Pire Etiquette

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Since I’ve kind of brushed on the topic of pire etiquette, I also want to mention a few habits that many players and myself happen to play by which are sort ...

Special Places

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With regard to certain places of the city, there are a couple special locations I haven’t really mentioned in this series. The most notable is the Graveyard....


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One thing I haven’t figured out where to put is the Necromancers information. I thought it sort of belonged in the Shops page, as that’s where you find them,...