Recent stories

A Merry Ferry Wedding

less than 1 minute read

melanctha and maxwellsdeamon were re-bound in a festive ceremony celebrated by many of the Ferry and their close friends.

A Nickle and a Biscuit-Mina’s story

2 minute read

In a move that shocked the city… Mina… infamous for her Slave Auction and long notorious for her sweet demeanor yet lascivious ways, has announced that she i...

Lucky 13

less than 1 minute read

Lucius sired sadiablo last evening. The ceremony was attended by blood line members, so i did him, Gypsum and Cerridwen.


3 minute read

So… it seems suddenly a lot of people is wondering, in light of events happening in the city in the last months, “What is evil?” Maybe in the past, I proudly...

Ass Zeroed

1 minute read

Yorgie was roasted yesterday, by Lucius loyalists and the crossbow of a deadly accurate hunter… Word on the street is that it has something to do with the Do...

Shallow in Love…

5 minute read

The other day I spoke with a vampiress. We exchanged pleasantries and then I asked her how her companion was doing. Her reply? ‘Oh, we’re not together any...