Recent stories

In Killing Your Own

6 minute read

The vampire Sabrene, also known as Lyrene, was zeroed yesterday by the Ferrymen. Though it appears that many are stunned by this event, even appearing offend...

Introspective Perspective - Cerridwen

5 minute read

Who is Cerridwen? I am the lost childer of Lord Sorvin, grandchilder of Will der Bauer, a profoundly unique vampire and one sorely missed. I have always bee...

Dear Mistress Sanguine

less than 1 minute read

Mistress Sanguine, I seek your help in a very delicate and personal matter. My sire recently approached me and asked how I liked the roses from my bou...

The Dearly Beloved

less than 1 minute read

Charmed Witch and PTBarnum bound to each other this evening in unholy wedlock… or is that warlock. The event was an elegant and friend filled ceremony.

HoH Kills a Dream

less than 1 minute read

HoH took it upon themselves to put UnicornDream out of her misery. Quoting AQelDroma “She just needed to be killed”

UnicornDream Zeroed

less than 1 minute read

UnicornDream was zeroed tonight by the hands of the Kingdom of Heorot. No reasons other than a welcome back have been given.

When Your Aura Drags Us Down…

2 minute read

All of you know the type of folks I’m referring to: vampires who have voiced their opinions against negative things so much that they’ve become a slave to w...

Finding the Light

less than 1 minute read

Boomer… one of the long standing leaders of the Sun Clan severed XXXshadowXXX (Shadow iL Caduto) this evening and in return has taken The Sun as her sire.