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The Becoming Part V

7 minute read

We traveled at night and slept during the day. We kept off the main roads and avoided major settlements. But this did not stop rumors from reaching our ears....

The Becoming Part IV

6 minute read

There is a point when the line becomes so blurred that you no longer see it. You need the passing of time, a time to reflect, a moment to step back to catch ...

The Becoming Part III

5 minute read

The carriage stops and the horses let out a high pitch yelp. End of the line. We get out, we stretch, we breath in deeply. The horses pull the carriage to th...

The Becoming Part II

4 minute read

We sit here now, in the dark. Our hands, bloody and bruised. The bruises are ours but the blood belongs to another. Many others. And I am indifferent. Hell, ...


less than 1 minute read

Hey, Madeye, could you maybe put this on the main page? If you deem it worthy enough, that is. :) Just wanted to shamelessly drag your attention to it. :D

Pompous Old Windbag

less than 1 minute read

Those that know evillive_inc are only too aware than he has a tendency to spout off. However, this time he has gone too far. As our photograph of events wit...

Part III

less than 1 minute read

Chapter 1 - Half Vampire / Half Angel Alena obliges Chapter 2 - Flight Eraziel returns Chapter 3 - Forever Crimson spreads her wings Chapter 4 - Passion Pla...


less than 1 minute read

This seems like a great site you have started, however, the font is soooo small, even in this text box I am typing in that I can’t even see it, and I have EX...

Anjana’s Mark

1 minute read

I would like to take this opportunity to repeat my earlier pronouncement in Ravenblack’s City so that it may be kept for posterity ;-)